A brief overview of me!


I love getting to know people and wanted to give you the opportunity to learn more about me!

I am a business owner, full time first responder, a petmom, a domestic abuse survivor and a girlfriend!

When I’m not working you can find me going for runs, spending time with family or bullet journaling.

In 2019 I graduated, Cornell with a degree in Animal Science. While at Cornell, I realized I love working on a dairy farm but I love being able to protect and serve people as well. Therefore after college, I took a job in emergency services. I miss the dairy farm a lot, but I loving being able to help others in their time of need.

2019, was a BIG YEAR for me, not only did I receive my bachelors degree and start a new full time job, but I also found the courage to leave an abusive relationship, and start my own business! One of the things holding me back from leaving was the financial situation I was in. I joined LimeLife because I was at an all time low. I was struggling, juggling a stressful job and an abusive relationship. I was spending my free time drinking heavily and shopping. LimeLife gave me the confidence I needed and the financial freedom to leave my abusive relationship!

Fast forward to 2020, LimeLife gave me something exciting to look forward to after being on the front lines fighting covid all day. LimeLife also gave me the financial stability I needed to pursue my dream of moving South.

LimeLife has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a new makeup product or a new caterer or a new hobby, you can find it at LimeLife.

My Business Website

My Top Picks

When you glance at LimeLife’s website it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the products they offer. Here are my top 3 products, that everyone needs in their makeup vanity!

My favorite foundation

LimeLife’s foundation is 50% pigmented and wax based. The foundation flawlessly covers up acne, scarring and sun damage while sitting on top of your skin, therefore it doesn’t irritate your skin. This foundation lasts all day long and doesn’t budge with sweat, water or everyday wear.

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The Perfect Lip

Colored lips really sets the mood for an outfit. Go bold for a fun glam look or go with a classic nude for a more sophisticated look. LimeLife’s enduring lip color goes on as a liquid and dries to a matte velvety finish. It’s evenly glides onto your lips leaving them with a buttery finish. The product doesn’t dry your lips out, and lasts through drinks, burgers and kisses. There are over 16 colors to choose from! My personal favorite nude enduring lip color is Ruby Chocolate.

Enduring Lip Color

Botox in a Bottle

I have battled with acne most of adult life. I often times find myself picking at my acne causing large scars and discoloration on my cheeks. (I know it’s a bad habit, I’m working on it). One product that I have found that brightens, and tightens my face while eliminating dark spots and wrinkles is Sotoks. Apply this product on damp skin after cleansing and before your moisturize. This product is nicknamed Botox in a bottle for a reason! Want a free sample or a skin consultation? Reach out to me!

Skin Care Sample

Why LimeLife?

There are 1,000 of skincare and makeup products on the market. So what makes LimeLife stand out from the rest?

LimeLife is a family run business that started in NYC as a makeup company. The company created makeup products that where used by professional makeup artists for Broadway shows. The makeup artists loved the products and so did their costumers, therefore the company created the opportunity for the makeup artists to sell these products to their costumers for everyday use. Over the years the company has involved into what it is today.

LimeLife products are leaping bunny approved and are made to European standards. These products are used by celebrities and professional makeup artists around the world.

LimeLife gives back to the community by giving ordinary people like myself the chance to make an extra source of income. They also give this opportunity to females in third world countries through The Brighter Together Foundation.

A portion of purchases and Beauty Guide’s income goes to this foundation, which in return brings trainings to females in third world countries to help them succeed and build not only their business but their community as well.

Learn more about LimeLife’s history and passion by checking out the below link.