Who I am

“I am building the life of my dreams.”

Hi guys! My name is Katie!

I am a rural-style girl, who loves animals and nature. I have three 100-pound dogs, and 5 cats; they are my fur babies! I make handmade jewelry, which I have been selling for over a year now. I enjoy learning from others, along with sharing what has helped me in my life! I love all things beauty; makeup, hair-care, skin-care, fitness, and nutrition.

I am in my 4th year and last semester of college, for Dietetics. Like others, I was feeling “stuck” in my life, and almost completely out of money and motivation. I love studying food and nutrition, but I am now learning ALL aspects of health and beauty.

Recently, I saw the chance to take an opportunity that has changed my life. I now have the chance to be a part of a community that STRIVES for optimal hair, skin, and wellness, along with working together to become successful!

I now teach other women how to become their best self, and be a part of this modern, flexible lifestyle. My motive is to become my optimal self, show others that nothing is impossible, be a leader for many, and connect with women all over the world. I am now considered an educator of non-toxic, natural, and luxury hair and skin care products!

If you are curious in the potential you have to change your hair and skin, or think you would benefit from an income online, while being a mom, a college student, or fresh adult, then swipe left and become part of the journey with me. You have EVERYTHING to gain and NOTHING to lose!