Art Workshops

Discover your creative potential

Want to go on a journey to discover your creative potential? Or clear out a creative block? Come and create epic art with me. Colour bomb your life into a flow state of connection and expansion.

I’m still offering 1:1 sessions for the remainder of 2021

During my years of making and teaching art, I have been witness to the powerful potential of art to enhance our lives, both physically and emotionally, and allow us to step into the world with more confidence and happiness.

Art comissions

Colour your world

I love making people’s walls brighter! If you have a specific colour palette in mind, size, space, meaning, just let me know. Each commissioned piece is made through a process of working all the elements together with intuitive process.


Serious art comes from serious play

Hi there. My passion is making and teaching art to inspire people to live awesome + empowered lives. I love to use my creativity to connect and transcend ideas, rules, relationships, patterns and to create meaningful new interpretations. My art process explores the connection between art, nature, music, body movement, systems and the patterns of the universe. When I’m not in my studio, you can find me adventuring in nature in the surrounds of Byron Bay, Australia.

- Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics -


What people are saying about my workshops

Customer love

~ ‘Doing the art process helps me understand what is showing up in my world and feel empowered to change my story. I am starting to connect with new feelings and feel so good.’


~ ‘Katie is good at holding space and it has been so therapeutic for me. I felt so comfortable to be vulnerable.’


~ ‘The art process has helped me tune in more and become more aware of the synchronicities in life. I feel more focussed.’


~ ‘Your art process helps me unravel the chaos in my world and tap into a new feeling. It is helping me feel more flow and self love. I am attracting new things in my world.’


Customer love