Hey, beautiful - I’m Katie

I might just change your life

In July 2015, I was eight months pregnant, had a three year old at home and worked full time as a hairstylist! I was constantly busy and rushing around, balancing everything!! Life was crazy, I was always exhausted and basically: sick and tired of being sick and tired!! I knew that i wanted more for our family!! I knew there had to me more for me than 9-5, more than just having just enough each month! I wanted MORE!

I had been following a girl on social media for about 9 months and watching her succeed with an online business, she had gone from government assistance to complete freedom in a year with this company!!!!! If she could do it, why couldn’t I? I jumped on board without knowing anything or having any experience! I caught the vision with this company and saw the potential!

In the last 5 years with this company, my husband and I have earned multiple bonuses, created an amazing income, and in July 2016, I was able to RETIRE from working full time and come home to my babies!!!! NOW- I get paid to be with my kids!!! I am present every day with them and building an empire at the same time!! We get to give more each month than we could have ever dreamed! It’s been such a blessing and now I get to bless others with this opportunity!!

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