Howdy y’all!

Let me tell ya a bit about myself!

I have always been a pretty active person. Taking care of my health and wellness. Making sure that I was on top of my game. Until about 2 years ago when I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, making bad choices, being very irresponsible on my money spending , binge drinking , falling into peer pressure you get the picture. All those choices leading up to the outcome of developing a really bad mental state of mind. Very unhappy with myself and my lifestyle. I never thought that I would be able to see the other side of it.

So one day, I said enough was enough. I decided to make positive changes to live healthier, happier and smarter. I needed to fall In love with myself again. I started to appreciate and understand proper mental health. I put aside my ego and dove into personal development for perspective and a serious attitude adjustment. I practiced more gratitude. I worked my butt off tapping into multiple streams of income in order to pay off debt, invest, and save like I never had before. All while sharing my journey to the beginning of changing my life! Right here! Right now with all of you!

It took vulnerability and a lot of courage to make this jump. To get uncomfortable with my new outlook. I had to let go of my fear of judgement. But, through much trial and error, I found the exact thing that aligned with my passions, values and vision for my future.

My heart has been awakened and I’ve never been more ready to take on every goal and dream that gives a burning in my belly and lights a fire in my soul.

If you’re ready to break through your limiting beliefs, supercharge your health, increase your bank account and build life long connections, then you’re in the right place.

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Let’s start your journey!