Conscious Lifestyle Products

From refillable hair products to low waste lifestyle swaps... Well, maybe not everything is waste free - but remember “zero waste” is not the goal - it’s supporting brands + companies that put people + planet over exploitation of people + the planet. See conscious goods from consciously-good brands.

Protein Powder

PURE ORGANIC VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER: 18 grams plant based protein made with clean protein powder; organic hemp protein powder, organic American pea protein, organic chia, organic pumpkin protein, and organic coconut protein

IMMUNE SUPPORTING MUSHROOMS AND ADAPTOGENS: High dose of 7 mushrooms and adaptogens to support your immune system and occasional stress; You'll find Chaga extract, Reishi extract, Lion's Mane extract, Turkey Tail extract, Cordyceps extract, Ashwagandha extract, and Eleuthero extract in every scoop; Extracted, fruiting bodies of log-grown or wildcrafted mushrooms only

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Compost Tumbler

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THINX period underwear

imagine walking around without the feeling that there is blood all over your butt...say bye to anxiety and hello to period panties!

I wear a size small

[this link will direct to the pair I personally own which holds 4 tampons, or 2 pads, but feel free to browse any pair that fits your cycle best]

Fabric for Super Cotton Brief
body 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
gusset 100% polyester; middle breathable PUL

THINX has been successfully tested for harmful substances and certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ [20.HUS.04850 | HOHENSTEIN HTTI]

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Care Of | Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements can be really expensive and idk about you but having an array of bottles around in my cabinet gives me anxiety, plus, they assortment of bottles can be pretty wasteful. BUT wait 👇🏼

Care Of comes in compostable bags and the bags are so slim + compact, I keep them in a jar on the kitchen counter. This helps me remember to take them too!

Take the quiz to get your personalized set of recommendations or make your own concoction of vitamins based on what you and your doctor have discussed.


Plastic Free Deodorant

The BEST eco friendly deodorant! Biodegradable packaging and formula that holds up in the Florida heat. My favorite thing about the brand, Ethique, is their choice to NOT fear monger consumers about “ingredients”. They rather choose to educate us on plastic pollution and what they are doing to help fight that problem.

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Plaine Products: Liquid Hair Shampoo

I’ve found my partner in shine! This amazing clarifying and nourishing shampoo is my newest obsession not just because it’s refillable which creates zero waste but because it WORKS! Plaine Products is a women owned B-Corp based in Ohio. PP is vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free (and more). Packaged in aluminum bottles, when you are almost out simply request newly filled bottles. Then send your empties back for them to sterilize + reuse!

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Plaine Products: Liquid Hair Conditioner

The partner to my partner! This conditioner leaves my hair so soft, you’d think I just left the salon! Plaine Products is a women owned B-Corp based in Ohio. PP is vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free (and more). Packaged in aluminum bottles, when you are almost out simply request newly filled bottles. Then send your empties back for them to sterilize + reuse!

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Davine’s OI All in One Milk

Recommend by a [hairstylist] friend this Lightweight OI All In One Milk is a multi-function leave-in hair milk spray that softens, detangles, controls frizz and protects the hair from heat.

Davines is a B Corp, participates in 1% for the planet, is carbon neutral, sources ingredients ethically and I’m obsessed!


Davide Bollati, President

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Native Plastic Free Deodorant

Native Deodorant went Plastic Free!!!!! If you’ve wanted to test out native but we’re unsure about the plastic container - now is your chance! My ride or die is the Ethique BOTANICA [pictured below] but lots of people love this brand + if you’re going to try it, go with their plastic free option!

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A season box curated with 6 products from brands that have ethical practices at the core of their business. This is not a “zero waste” box, but rather a new way to discover new brands that are kind to people and the planet! This box, in my opinion, has more impact that other subscription boxes. Get $10 off your first subscription below.


2-Pack Glass Nail File

say goodbye to the crappy cardboard disposable nail files. These are the only nail files you will ever need and use!

pro tip: keep the mini in your purse! That’s what I do.

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Oil Based Nail Polish Remover

How many times you dip your cotton round into acetone? With this nail polish remover less IS better! Recyclable packaging and so nourishing!

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Try these travel sized samples of any Plaine Products items! I find that I only need a cap sized amount so you get a lot of washes in this travel size and if you’re a skeptic like me, you’ll try these before buying the full sized bottle pictured below.

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bamboo toothbrush

Is your plastic toothbrush ready to be repurposed into a cleaning brush? Replace it with a bamboo toothbrush from the original bamboo toothbrush company! This 4-pack lasts you a full year if each bamboo toothbrush is replaced every 3 months!

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Stainless Steel Razor

This is not a safety razor. I repeat. This is not a safety razor, this IS the easiest razor you will ever use and the last one you will ever buy.

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REVLON - One Step Hair Dryer

Obviously this is NOT a low waste product. But, to know I won’t have to buy a round brush and an additional hair dryer is what makes this such a great tool! One product that does 2 jobs is IT for me 🙌🏽 I use this one to two times a week when I wash my hair and in the past year I’ve used this tool more than I have EVER used a regular blow dryer.

[I do not support their beauty products as they are sold in mainland China therefore are not cruelty free😩]

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Skin Care Products + Brands

my favorite skin care products from my favorite eco conscious brands that mix plant extracts with science to formulate amazing products along with having a thoughtful brand ethos.

Reusable Eye Masks

Single use eye patches are CANCELLED!

Don’t neglect your self care time or pollute our environment with the Forever Eye Mask.

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Ethical Brand Ethos, Sustainable + Fully recyclable packaging (that you won’t recycle because you’ll WANT to keep forever, trust me).

The Forever Eye Mask by DEIUX skin, are made of medical-grade silicone, the is a reusable eye patch that holds gels, serums and creams close to the skin for maximum absorption.

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Youth to The People: Superfood Cleanser

You ever have that tight feeling after cleansing? Hmm, your cleanser sounds VERY stripping!

This is my favorite cleanser, the gentle gel is everything and more. I’ve tried a lot of cleansers. She’s my ride or die.

Kale: This leafy veg is a must-have for more than just your morning juice. It's rich in skin-loving phytonutrients and vitamins C, E and K.

Spinach: A lightweight skin-soother that boasts a high natural moisture content and cooling properties.

Green Tea: An anti-inflammatory oil packed with essential fatty acids.

100% Vegan ingredients
Cold-pressed extracts
Recyclable packaging
Made in USA
No animal testing

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My Topiclas: Faded Serum

Pigmentation fading and brightening serum! This earth friendly packaged serum turns 3-4 serums into 1 beautiful jam packed product that puts in WERK! If you’re suffering from any acne marks, dark spots, PIH, rosacea, and/or erythema this is for you! You used this after cleansing + before moisturizer and SPF.

Of course it’s vegan + cruelty free BUT the brand is also Woman (Black & Asian) owned and backed by science (no chemphobia here).

Because it’s also fragrance free (for my sensitive babes) I have to let you know this does smell like the ingredients 👃🏼 it can be a little funky but it doesn’t last.

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SunBum Face Lotion SPF 50

Fragrance Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Gluten Free.
This SPF is for my normal to dry friends who don’t like a white cast or simply cannot find an elegant mineral sunscreen that works with their skin tone. This IS an organic sunscreen aka it uses chemical filters. Do NOT be afraid of chemical filters; chemical filters give SUPERIOR uv protection (especially for aging purposes = think UVA rays). If you’re afraid of reef safety then be weary of zinc oxide as that TOO can cause coral reef bleaching. Moral of the story: wear your SPF!

Note: This says its a matte finish but I disagree, as when I wear this I get compliments on my “glow” and its this! Also…3oz for under $15 is AMAZING! Sun Bum is based in Florida, so if you’re in the state, you can feel good about buying from a local brand!

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Raw Elements Natural + Mineral SPF30

SPF 30+ BROAD-SPECTRUM - Zinc Oxide - cruelty-free - 1% for the planet - Recyclable Packaging - perfect for travel!

I love swirling my makeup sponge in this and stippling this spf on, it leaves the most beautiful sheen which is my favorite part about it. This CAN break you out, and does leave a white case you will need to work into the skin. For that reason I prefer to use this on my neck, chest, and shoulders for extra protection with an added healthy glow. Please patch test before using every day.

However, this spf is water resistant for up to 80min which is perfect for the Florida humidity.

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Makeup + Beauty

Below is a round up of products by brands who are striving to change the industry through their initiates. Focusing on taking care of people and the planet. These are beauty products in eco conscious packaging and/or in refillable options! The brands below are vegan [unless stated] as well as cruelty free with an eco conscious mission.

Kjaer Weiss Creme Foundation

A refillable foundation with a velvet semi-matte finish. I personally only purchased the refill as I have a pallet I can pop this into. You CAN purchase this with the case, but it comes a steeper price point I couldn’t afford to spend. I prefer the refill! It’s lightweight and can be layered. It looks better with a brush over a sponge!

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Créme Tint Pro

A zero waste makeup brand created by a proMUA? YES! Kiki G created Salt New York and you can 6 colors to choose from per category.

Highlights, Blushes, Bronzers (to keep it simple)

If you have a magnetic palette then you can pop these pans right in but if not, she does sell a vegan leather zip up magnetic palette that can hold these cream products as well as your existing products (if you can depot them)

I personally have the following creams:
- beige (radiant)
- rose and coral (lip + cheek)
- light/medium (sculpt)

Salt New York is a small business so please be kind to their delays due to maintaining COVID precautions and safety measures. ✨

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Multi Purpose Balmie Sticks

the same size as a regular lipstick but without the extra packaging. This link leads to my personal shade “strawberry” but feel free to browse through all the amazing colors available!

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Eyebrow Pencil

I would go through my $5 NYX eyebrow pencils like nobody business! This is a pricier option at $24 but lasts MONTHS in comparison and you purchase a refill!

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Under Eye Setting Powder

Any KVD shade + light contour palette fans? A cult favorite! This is the shade LYRIC which is beautiful under the eyes.
vegan + cruelty-free.

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Pressed Foundation

For the gals who are tired of throwing away their pressed foundation compacts every month. Alima Pure offers a refillable pressed foundation in a variety of shades.

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Cleaning & Kitchen

everything we use to keep our kitchen + cleaning routine are waste free as possible!

Detergent Pods

Not into composting your eco nuts? That’s cool! Try dropps laundry detergent pods. The pod itself is a water soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol which breaks down and dissolves in water. Making everything from the box it comes in to the product itself completely zero waste.

I personally have the lavender eucalyptus stain and odor detergent pods but feel free to browse for other scents or even other products through this link that gets $15 OFF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!

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Eco Nuts Laundry Detergent

Toss them and forget ‘em! The easiest laundry soap ever. The soapberries release saponin when agitated (in your washing machine) and leave your clothes like new! Get up to 100 uses by reusing the same berries until they get translucent in color, compost them, and start with a fresh set of berries. Repeat!

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Swedish Dishcloths

Replace your paper towels, napkins, and cleaning rags with these cotton and cellulose reusable and compostable cloths.

One cloth can be used for up to 1 year before needing to compost. Use dry to scrub and wet to clean!

To clean these just rinse under water or throw with your laundry as needed.

I bought a pack of 10 for $20 ... which should last me about 10 years if I get 1yr use from each cloth!

Also, the link below is for Etsy. Please consider buying through here and NOT Amazon as Etsy is carbon neutral and you’re supporting (2) local business.

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Stasher Bag

Ziploc who? These silicone bags can be frozen, boiled, microwaved, and even used as a toiletry bag! Take your snacks or iPhone charger on the go with you and never buy another single use plastic bag again. P.S. you’ll get addicted to collecting these...pace yourself friend.

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Stainless Steel Ice Maker

Simple to use and no plastic or silicone ice smell! Fill up 1/2 or even 3/4 with water (but not to the top).

Let it freeze, and when you’re ready to use put it out on the counter top for about 3 min before pulling the lever! You’ll HEAR when it’s ready its so fascinating and the cube size is PERFECT!

Store in a big bowl in your freezer or leave in the container! The only ice maker you’ll need.

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Silicone Baking Mats

No need for aluminum or parchment paper in this kitchen! These easy to clean silicone mats are amazing for all things baking! (Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) Oh, when I used these I rarely ever have to clean my trays! Only the mats!

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Redecker Dish Brush

My go-to! I’ve never liked dish sponges as they hold so much bacteria. This natural bristle dish brush is versatile (handle can be removed) and will last for years of taken care of! End of life: recycle steel prong and compost brush.

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Caraway Pots

Can’t totally vouch for these as they are in my living a box...waiting to be opened on Christmas morning BUT 👇🏼

I’m obsessed with Caraway’s Ceramic-Coated Cookware! We have the cream color. I love the simple and safe design, minimal yet versatile pieces, and will lasts years!

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Stainless Steel Funnel

Before my funnel I would waste about $0.15 per whatever food I would miss pouring into my jars! Lol

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Hand in Hand Soap

A nourishing hand app that gives back! With every purchase clean water and soap is provided to children in Haiti. We are called to love our neighbor and this small gesture goes a long way 🙌🏽 They are also working on refills, so soon enough you won’t need to repurchase this beautiful aluminum bottle again.

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Cleaning Scrub

Just add water and scrub the sink, the countertop, the floor, the tub and even the oven. This peppermint scrub smells heavenly and the packaging is biodegradable!

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Reusable Cotton Bags - Set of 6 (2ea. Size)

Rice, Beans, Chocolate Chips, Flour, or Nooch...whatever it is I throw it in my Simple Ecology Reusable Organic Cotton Muslin Grocery Shopping Produce Bags.

I’m not taking these shopping right now due to Covid but after having these a year I can tell you they are great! Easy to toss in the washing machine, organic natural fiber, and has the Tare weight so you and the cashier have no guessing to do!

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Well Threads 🧵 by KL

A collection of pre-loved + natural fiber clothing


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