Get To Know Kate

I’m Here to Leave a Legacy

I’m so excited to tell you a little about me! For the ones that don’t know yet, my name is Katlynn Burch and I’m 20 years young. I have a part time job at Olive Garden, however I do not plan on having a 9-5 forever so this is temporary. I’m also working towards getting licensed in life insurance so if you want your future family stress free, I’m your girl! I attend Richland College where I play volleyball and work towards my bachelors degree in general business. I also plan on minoring in psychology because my dream career is to start a charity for orphaned children, while traveling the world leaving an impact. No matter where life ends up taking me, I want to make a change to this world somehow and someway!

For this being said you can probably tell I have a big heart and passion for influencing others. Growing up my life was always hectic and scary. I truly knew how it felt to be very depressed and have low self esteem. However, it never stopped me to keep pushing through life and school. I knew I needed to make a change for myself and grow confidence within or my life would keep going in circles. This past year has really shaped me into a very joyful and business oriented woman and I’m so excited for what the future holds. So for that being said, I know if my story could help someone else out of a dark place then I’m doing something right!

I’m a very dedicated and hard working person and always had to be one step ahead of most kids due to my family situations. I have 3 younger siblings that are like my kids. They truly mean the world to me and give me a purpose for this so called life. So I will leave a legacy for my future and immediate family.

P.S. : Feel free to dm me your story or purpose of life! Okay bye guys love y’all, and remember to spread love and wear a mask! ❤️

~ Katlynn Burch