Hey Beauty!

I’m Kat

I am the proud wife of my very best friend and love of my life, Momma to 3, Nonna to 2 and caregiver daughter to my mom who has Alzheimer’s...
I had been in healthcare for 23 years when my Dad got sick and taking care of him was the only answer. I knew that was what God had prepared me for all those years. I took care of my Dad till the Lord took him home in 2014 and Mom got sick in 2017.
Taking care of my parents is extremely rewarding but very emotionally draining and financially we took a hit! Helping my husband financially by working outside of the home is not an option for me anymore! Finding a way to create income while being home with my Mom was absolutely essential!
I saw a mom of 4 saying how she supported her family through a social media based business. I had done this before but knowing this was now taking something I once considered to be a side gig and turning it into my full time, no excuses, it’s got to happen business, I jumped in!!! She helped me and you can bet I’m working hard to become DEBT FREE and retire my husband! For now we’re just working on taking care of our family, but the dreams we have for the future, The ones that God put in our hearts...I can see them coming true! The best part is, I get to mentor others to do the same!
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