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Hello friends!
My name is Katreena Ford and I am happily engaged to my fiancé Jonathan. We have been together 4yrs now. I have three amazing kiddos two girls and a boy. They are 17yr girl, 13yr boy, and 3yr old girl. My fiancé currently works full time while I am a full time SAHM/entrepreneur. Our goal is for both of us to eventually be home full time. I love adventure, nature, and just spending time with my family.

My passion is to help other mamas feel their best while achieving their goals. I want them to know they don’t have to be tired all the time while they are trying to be super women. There are options out there that can help and I want to share them! I’m here to help you reach your fitness, health, and financial goals.

I’m building a team of badass confident woman who are ready to have that time freedom and that extra cash flow.

I enjoy lifting others up and pushing them out of their comfort zone to be their very best. So they can be the badass warriors I know they are!

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What is Thrive?

3 simple steps taken within the first 30 mins of waking up. Filling in all your nutritional gaps so your body can work at its peak levels!