Hi friends, its Katrina!

Let's change your life together!

In 2017 I had a couple diagnoses that really impacted my life. Not only my family life but my work life too. I struggled to balance my mental and physical health with my career. This went on for 3 years. I prayed for an answer to help me get back on my feet. I knew there was more to life and I was capable of success.

Lucky for me, a friend from high school reached out and told me about this amazing opportunity- was I fast acting? No. But, once I talked to her about my fears and concerns- I decided to take the leap. Best. Decision. Ever. I have the most amazing team and I get to promote amazing products - both of which have brought my physical and mental health back to life.

Not only is this fun, but I get paid to do it! We have weekly bonuses, upcapped income potential, and amazing one on one training (just to name a few). This company, my team, made me back into who I knew I could be. It has brought me more than an income, it brought me best friends and amazing potential.

One random friend from high school (15 years later), taking a chance on me and reaching out, this decision to say 'yes' changed my entire life! Five seconds of courage and one leap of faith is all it took.

Swipe left, You can fill out my influencer application, and let’s find out together if this could be the solution you’ve been praying for too! >>>>>>>>