Get the Low Down

Who am I & why you might be here?

Hi guys! I’m Katrina. A southern lady who is married to her true love. My legacies are Austin (15), Brooke (13), & Ethan (11). I have the blessing of homeschooling these 3 knuckle heads. It has definitely been a learning curve these past 8 years.

My heart belongs to Jesus & I have no problem sharing that. Sharing my life and the things I find along the way is simply something I enjoy doing. You can find me managing the furniture department at my job, cooking some awesome food, volunteering with the students at our church youth group, or vegging in my mama’s recliner & watching some t.v.

I can be a bit honest sometimes, but tend not to share it all. I love makeup & hair, so you might get a bit of that. My Journey also includes weight loss & getting healthy. I lost my mother 2 short years ago at 55, to some health issues. My desire is to be here for my kids as long as possible.

If I interest you at all...hang around! I love stories & sharing on those. My squirrel complex is a bit heavy sometimes & my tangents are plenty. You won’t always get a glamorous life from me, but you will hear the truth. I also like to share recipe, deals, and giveaways 🎉