About Me

Textiles Designer and Maker | Fashion Blog browser | Instagram addict.

Hi I’m Katy, Alongside my day job, which I love, I am a Textile surface designer and maker who enjoys working in a number of medias and styles.

I love to browse through fashion blogs, Instagram and of course Pinterest for new trends and styles I can incorporate into my work to create something for everybody.

I currently live in Staffordshire with my lovely family and three of my best friends which are furry and purr a lot... yes I’m slightly weird.
There is nothing I love more then being creative at home in my living room or day trips taking photographs for future projects.
I tend to look at the smaller things, picking something that sparks joy.

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Vision boards

Starting a new project

I have seen some beautiful fashions and textile designs on my many project browsing day’s.

Starting with a blank piece of card and a computer screen full of ideas (especially if your an art student who has just handed in a project) can be tricky.
Here are some of my tips to create a vision board that will get a project started.

1. Use coloured card/mount board/ background colour on pc - having a white space is just so hard to fill complete as you just want it to be full, having a solid colour or a wall paper piece to cover it might spark something like....

2. Setting a colour scheme- this parts is fun, when designing I definitely use a lot of PINK, but I tend to use different tones to satisfy my craving then to add a new spark add colour I would never use so possible black or navy. This will widen your image choice and might introduce you to new artists who work in these colour ways.

3. Your own style is important, bring that through. If you like glitter add an element of it to the board, I always bring in a quote that I no I will look at and feel motivated.

4. Have fun , visions boards are the start, you can stress on deadline evenings if your a student or project deadlines for freelance artists but this is the start of something new. Enjoy.

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