Are YOU Ready! To Make a Passive Automated Income and Become Financially FREE!

I Want To Help Show You How YOU Can Start YOUR Journey To Generating Automated Passive Income with the CFX Trading Platform.

Kia Ora Koutou Nau Mai Haere Mai😁
Hello and Welcome to the world of Financial Freedom!

My Name is Kody (Kauri)
I'm here to help you create automated trade accounts in the Forex Space💱 with CFX, so you too can earn a completely passive income without having any knowledge of trading, trading experience or having to make any trades yourself..

All of these link's below will guide you to learn more about CFX aswell as all the opportunities that can come with it.

But First let me tell you a little bit about me and my story...
I am 28yrs old
I live with my beautiful partner of 3-4yrs
And for the past 10yrs I have been working in the Hospitality industry as a bartender.

Coming from a work industry that requires most of your time dedicated to afternoon/night time hours this often takes a toll both mentally and physically and it certainly doesn't give you the time, freedom or financial security that you want. Don't get me wrong it's fun, but the time you don't get to spend with your loved ones in exchange is not worth it.

So My GOAL in LIFE, Is to Become FREE! I want to have the freedom to choose what i want to do. To finally get out of a crushing 3-10 job, to Build a future legacy for Me and My Partner and to help people realise that they can accomplish their own goals, dreams and ambitions through this Amazing Platform aswell!

So I am so Excited to Help Show and Lead Everyone to Financial Freedom!

Learn More With The Link's Below!

Complete Basic CFX Overview

So this is a complete basic overview of CFX and what this AMAZING Platform can do for you! This video covers how trading works, the rewards and benefits you can gain from it and much much more!

How To Get You Started With CFX!

In this video one of our Team Leaders Phili will show you step by step how to create a Bitcoin Wallet with WIREX and get started with CFX.

Build Your Legacy!

In this link another one of our Team Leaders Char demonstrates the 'Family Pack Strategy' and how you can utilize it to recycle your investment and Build a financial legacy for future generations.

Pick Your CFX Academy Pack!

Begin earning money NOW! This link will take you to a website where you can create you a FREE CFX account. No trades will be made for you until you purchase an Academy Pack. Be sure to sign up with a gmail account.

Get Your Wirex Here!

Wirex is a international borderless payment platform that lets you hold, spend and manage both fiat currencies & cryptocurrencies. It includes a exchange wallet app and debit payment card that allows users to exchange multiple fiat and digital currencies at Interbank & Over-the-counter rates.

Due Diligence With Richard Maude

When entering any business ventures i urge the importance for individuals to 'DO THEIR OWN DUE DILIGENCE' by investigation and research. In this link Richard takes you through a 1hr video with detailed information for you to look at so you can make a well informed decision...
Look forward to seeing you on the team and headed for SUCCESS!