All about me🧚‍♀️

Me <3

Hello, my name is Aisha and i l♥︎ve anime! I hope you enjoy my content and how much work i put into my videos! This website will tell u all about me and how i live and stuff! :]

Me ig <3

Im Aisha as you already know! I have 5 pets 12 have passed :[ i love to watch anime/Daz games! I have a family of 6 with 3 uncles and 2 Aunts! Okay im done introducing myself lets go!

My pets/family :3

As u already know i have 5 pets: 2 horses [Bobby & Mango], 1 Cat [Joey/Jo Jo] and 2 dogs [Betty & Jasper] Pets done! Now family! Mum & Dad [Louise & Mick/Michael], 2 brothers [Tim & Tom] Last but not least, My sister ELLIE <3

My hobbies :3

I love to do sewing and crafting things, Fruit picking in my garden, drawing and more, ofc u probaly know i do horse riding but since i broke my arm im not too keen on it [but i hope to be soon!]

This should be enough about me right? Yea mkay byeeee!

Me and my acc <3

Meeeeeeee <3

Hey! My name is Zuri and if u didnt know it means "beautiful" :3 i love every one of you guys and ive decided to call you my lavenders! :P (since my new colouring is purple) anyways lyg!

My account C:

I try and post atleast 1-2 times a day (not including the day this goes up)! I follow back! If i do not i haven't noticed that u have followed me! If u havent already noticed im a Dunkin!

Idrk what im doing at this point-

I try and be aesthetic! If not im sorry! I wish u all a great start to a new grade/year and see u soon!