Imagine being the best version of yourself

Now imagine what it takes to get there

Hi my name is Kristine and just a few months ago I can tell you that I was at my unhealthiest. I would wake up & remain sluggish. I was experiencing all the stomach issues and heartburn with acid reflux. I was snacking and eating anything without thinking twice. I was moody, irritable and had lost joy in many of the things I once enjoyed. I was miserable to say the least. A friend introduced me to a company that’s focus was an allergen- free, gluten free and holistic nutrition focus. And it changed how I felt overall.

I remember the migraines all the time. I was also physically weak. I wasn’t enjoying things I used to enjoy like reading and socializing. I couldn’t even focus long enough to enjoy a show. I had no energy to complete tasks. I found myself so sad over everything. I’d sit at my desk at work and my anxiety attacks would happen right there. What was the problem? What got me out of my funk?

I had to first and foremost realize I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was so distracted by going to my job everyday I just assumed I was tired from work and that I hated my job. Quarantine hit and I realized it wasn’t my job- it was internal. It’s not normal to wake up feeling tired! There is a way to feel better! A friend introduced me to Arbonne and put me on the 30 days to healthy living program. It’s not so much a diet as it is a healthy detox and training for you to be better to your body. Within the first week I saw differences to my digestion and my energy. By the second week my skin was looking better and my mood had improved. By the third week I realized I had not had coffee in 3 weeks and was no longer missing it. By the fourth week I was confident in my ability to pick out healthy meals and snacks for myself.

My point is - once I made the decision to take care of me, I slowly starting becoming a different person. My eating habits had to change and it got easier over time. Then my routine started changing- and then my mindset changed! I’ve even changed the products I use on my body and on my hair. More natural products have changed my life. And now I want to help people the way I wish someone was there to guide me sooner! I am happy to share I haven’t had an anxiety attack since I started Arbonne. Protein and plant based caffeine gets me going in the morning and keeps me sustained throughout the day. Lets’s get you being the best version of yourself! Perfection may not be attainable, but there is a life where you feel healthy inside and out!