Akashic Record reader specializing in-
•Chakra health and balancing
•Past Life experiences and karma
•Soul loss
•Energetic cords
•Spirit attachments
•Soulmates and Twin Flames
•Starseed and Indigo souls
•Universal and personal Numerology
•Astrological natal chart reporting

Client testimonials

“During the most difficult time of my life, Kaya came into my awareness. Although the reading Kaya shared was difficult to process, it turned out to be exactly what I needed to facilitate my spiritual journey and acceptance of what the universe was showing me. Kaya was gentle, kind and understanding when it became known that what she was sharing would change my life in every way. It is thanks to Kaya that I was able to open my mind to the reality of my divorce and allow myself to see the things I’d blocked out.
Not only was Kaya’s reading about the early days of my separation and divorce exactly on point, she has continued to contribute to my life when called on.
Kaya has protected my soul, my energy, my spirituality.
Kaya has brought me peace when I’ve doubted myself and my decisions. To say Kaya has been a blessing in my life is an understatement.
I cannot say enough about the energy, wisdom and comfort Kaya has brought to my life. I am eternally grateful”


"My time spent with Kaya is nothing short of magical. The comfort and closure she has given me is everything I could've hoped for and more. She has carefully crafted a connection that goes well beyond a 90 minute session, ensuring that I take away the absolute most from each experience and also giving me the necessary tools to continue the work myself. She is a fountain of knowledge and so eager to pass on that knowledge in every way imaginable. I am so grateful for the amazing gift Kaya has and the validation and healing she has so beautifully given me."


“I had a soul search reading and a past life reading and both were amazing. So much information, everything started making sense about things that were in my life. I had questions that were answered and totally blessed with incredible information. I am feeling amazing after these readings. I feel joyful and sometimes I feel like I am just a glowing light out of my body. The readings were incredibly amazing and if given a chance everyone should have a reading. Kaya has the most amazing energy that I’ve ever encountered in person. Even talking to Kaya on the phone her energy came through and I just felt lighter and the information was amazing.”


“Connecting with Kaya for a soul reading was insightful and helped me understand different aspects of myself, that in the end, all truly made sense. I appreciate that Kaya shares her gift with others. She is easy to talk to and understanding of all the questions that can pop up after a reading. I would recommend anyone to see her knowing they will feel comfortable.”


“I would say most of the things I learned in our session were new to me. I learned what color my aura is and what that means. I had only ever had my aura read when I was a child so it was fun to see what it had changed to. Everything about my last life and my spirit guides was also new to me. I also learned if any of my chakras were out of sync, which was helpful so I could know what I needed to do to get them back in balance. I liked learning about my aura color because it helped me connect better with my own energy since I now know how I react to others. Being an Indigo aura it helped me to better trust my own intuition. I’ve been on a spiritual journey for some years now and my session really helped tie some of the strings together. I have already recommended these sessions to many of my friends and family members, and I plan on getting updated readings every so often. “



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