All about Kaydence!

Hmm who is this babysitter?

Meet Kaydence! She has such a huge passion for kids and has ever since she was younger. Throughout Kaydence’s life she truly realized how not only how Kaydence adored kids but how they adored her. When in the store around young children they either stare, wave, or even follow her. Last summer Kaydence had more experiences where kids would come up to her to sit, ask to play, or just say hi. She always of course wondered why her and not anyone else but the answer was left untouched.

When Kaydence is not around children she enjoys dancing, singing, or just hanging out with friends and family. When Kaydence was younger she did ballet. A few years later she started jazz. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic Kaydence stopped dancing, but not to worry she still sung her heart out almost everyday. In fourth grade Kaydence had the experience of a lifetime. She sang “Hallelujah” with one of her best friends in front of the whole grade. When talking about school Kaydence always aces her Florida State Tests. In language arts she got the highest score you can get! She also loves going to the beach with her family, sleepovers with friends, and long shopping sprees just like any other girl.

Kaydence hopes to impress you all with the love she has for children. So if you ever need a long awaited date night, time to go get your nails done, or just simply hang out with some friends with no crying and diaper changes give Kaydence a call!