Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are made from it.

I am first and foremost a die hard Lakers fan! I really need to make that known. The world of NBA is my forte and I acknowledge and recognise great sportsmanship where due! Kobe Bryant, hands down is my choice for MVP! Always and forever.

With that set aside, I am a woman—a blend of intellect, tough resolve and conviction in a man’s world. While most people grow up learning about math, history, and science, there is no prerequisite course in educational institutions that teaches people about being a blend of tough resolve, conviction and intellect—these qualities are self-taught and self-directed. The “institutions” have disqualified largely what should matter most in the world and that is happiness, emotional intelligence and wealth creation, essentials and standards for one of the most basic human rights, that being life. Unfortunately for most, learning about these topics may be the most crucial skills that people need to know.

This is where I come in – an emerging entrepreneur – who dives in to rescue, you.

I am by profession an institutional trader. I aim. I shoot. I cash out, with access to the world’s largest financial markets! I’m also a mother to two beautiful kids. My growth game works daily from relationships so to learn and understand myself and others. I explore the universe and my place in it to raise collective consciousness.

My primary goal is to help you choose a brighter side to life, with strategy and risk management in play to better execute your life goals. You might be a trader who needs additional support and mentorship from someone who has the trading discipline or you might be someone looking to stream additional income.

Whatever your needs are, I offer a breakthrough 1:1 call in order for me to get to know you. It is from there where we break down your goals and the trading plan to get there.

See you at the top 🚀

For the Queens.  —

I ditched a corporate career in law of 13 years and the slumps of a 9-5 for the field of network marketing—an even level playing field, for anyone with zero experience and a paltry amount of money to start their own business as well as for those with plenty of experience and an abundance of resources! The world does not need any more products! What the world needs is better solutions to solve the existing problems! I want to serve the world by helping people learn about the ways to earn money without the need to clock in and out so they can have money working for them as oppose to living their lives to work for it! I strive to explore ways to help people break free from the chains of finances by assisting them in taking a deeper dive into the roots of their obstacles.