Kayla Hamilton

Calling Forth My Wild Woman

Salutations! Stoked that you found my little slice of the interweb.

I’m here to hold a space for the dream chasers. For the soul surfers. For the ones alone in the dark. Those lost in this universe. To do the dirty work and rise above the noise. To shed light on the power that YOU have inside; just have to be willing to unlock it!

As I’ve transitioned into motherhood, I not only birthed a human life, but a new version of myself. Accepting my abundance and projecting so much gratitude for this life. And it’s this very journey, that has called me to stand strong. To embrace the deepest, darkest, most sacred parts of me. Remembering to sing from my heart, dance with the stars, howl at the moon, and love uncontrollably. I’m following the voice in my heart… and she’s beating louder and clearer than ever before.

On a mission to gather like minded souls. To guide the way on how to take care of one’s self through holistic methods, inside and out. To build legacies. To defend our freedoms. If anything you’ve read here resonates with you, this is your call. We are wild women, and we will not be stopped.