It’s not only about finding yourself! It’s about creating yourself! ❤️

A little bit about me

Heeey my name is Kayla

❤️A few things I find important❤️

✨Giving anyone and every the encouragement to push for their goals in life is a must!

✨ Seeing people succeed will always make my day.

✨You will never STOP growing till your last breathe

✨Team work makes dreams work!!!!

✨Living everyday to its fullest!!!!

✨ You can’t finish a day without a smile on your face.

A little bit more about me🤗

I’m currently a Certified Nursing Assistant in college part time!

I was born and raise in Sacramento CA with my mom and four other siblings after my step dad and mom split up. Growing up wasn’t all that easy I was bullying and made fun of since 2grade. It pushed me to just wanting to be invisible. I became way to good at it!!! It wasn’t till 2 year after High school when I left my first relationship I kinda found a voice and started removing my cloak of invisibility! I finally started wanting to focus on opening up trying out new hairstyles, hair colors, focusing on my appearance and self Image actually putting my 2cent into a conversation or what plans we should do on the weekend waaas HUGE for me!!!

But the real growth didn’t truly start till after my second longest relationship ended back in 2019!

Looking around at my life now in 2021 I never would have known that a year and a half ago I would be single! Having my awesome younger brother as a roommate living in a small-town feel that I’ve always honestly wanted to experience but still close to shopping!!!It’s so pretty up here and I can’t imagine living in a busy city ever again!

In 2020 I really started focusing on my spiritual, physical, emotional and mental growth!!! I started spend money on ME! Eating better (but hey we all have or slip up lol am I right 🤣) working out and getting back into the best shape of my life! (Still a work in progress! but I’m happy☺️)
New clothes! New hair!!! (I went BLONDE!😱) which is a game changer FOR SURE!!! My hair was getting damaged and if I wanted to keep this blonde I had to start Looking for new hair products!!!
Luckily I found a product that is anything I could every ask for!!! Helps with my fizz! Adds volume to my hair!!
Helps repair my hair from the inside out!
I am so stoked!!!!! To see where my hair care and skin care grows from here!!!

If you are ready to step up your hair and skin care game reach out to me in my DM! I will show you all the goodies!!!!

Talk to you soon 😊