you will be exactly as happy as you decide to be

girl, you already have what it takes

For just over three years, I worked in management at my corporate 9-5 in the natural wellness industry. My passion for plant-based natural products led me there, but I always knew I was meant for more.

The lack of time freedom, minimal financial growth, and always having to report into someone else had me wondering if this was really what I was meant to do for 40 years. I dreamt of the day where I wouldn’t need to ask for time off… where I had the freedom to create my own schedule.

I dreamt of being surrounded by inspiring women who were fearlessly living a life THEY created. Until my friend introduced me to Monat, I had no idea this dream job existed. Women (and men!) were getting paid to talk about products they already use and love, mentor others on how to run an online business - all while gaining time + financial freedom. The bonus? You get the best hair + skin of your life, a paid for white Cadillac, and doing more of what you love. Maybe you were skeptical like I was and questioned, ‘what’s the catch?’. I’m so happy to share - there literally is none. No monthly fees, no sales quotas, no pressure to buy product. The worst case scenario is you get healthy hair like you’ve never seen.

If you’re someone who:

💥 is looking for more purpose, community, fun
💥 already uses salon quality haircare, but hasn’t achieved your hair goals
💥 already uses natural skincare, but isn’t 100% thrilled with your skin
💥 has never tried plant-based, anti-aging hair + skincare but wants to make the switch
💥 is trading time for money but not seeing the financial gain you want
💥 is in debt but has zero time in your schedule to get a second job
💥 is feeling burnt out or depleted from your full time work
💥 wants to be more present with your family / significant other
💥 would love to be your own boss

Fill out the application to be your own boss on the previous page ⬅️ I’m an open book and would love to chat if you’re curious to know more - no question is silly. Trust me, I was the skeptic who watched from the sidelines for months. I want to know what an extra $500 - $5000 a month could do for you, and I want to help you get there. I’m looking for people who are passionate about natural beauty, who want more from life and are willing to help others on their journey.

I know exactly what it's like to have the same fears and doubts you have; but one year from now, your life could look very different because you decided to have the courage to change it.

💛 Kayla