Hey, I’m Kayla!

It’s nice to meet you.

I am 30, Mum of 4, certified hot mess express, CEO of makeup for no reason, dreaming of being a full time life wanderer and someone who will be your best friend after you finish on this site.

I have a background in beauty, makeup and hairdressing and stumbled across direct sales while I was knee deep in ‘stay at home mum life’ 7 years ago and I have not looked back.

I am powered by people learning to be proud of themselves and killing it in the self confidence game .. on top of that, I am borderline obsessed with seeing women feel drop dead gorgeous and helping push people through their own barriers.

I’m not sure who you are yet, or whether I can help you.. or maybe how you can help me in this crazy work we live in, but I do know that I would love to get to know you!

Let’s connect? :)

K x

“Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast.”

Well, I didn’t quite see myself getting to a successful 7 year career in the Direct Sales industry, quoting Nicki Minaj haha! .

Despite how crazy my life is, I am the perfect mix of professional and that person everyone wants to be around.

I can kick your butt to reach those goals you want to achieve in life, all while laughing with you endlessly on zoom calls until we fall asleep.

You see, I started adult life much like everyone else, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I found myself becoming a beauty ‘triple threat’. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist, Makeup Artist and Hairdresser… but for the past 9 years, I have been a stay at home Mum to four of the most beautiful little things I have ever laid my eyes on.

It was actually because of them, that I looked for other options of what I could do from home to feel like i was contributing to our finances.

You will never find anyone that is fiercely independent like I am. And it was with that thought.. that showed me just how ridiculously amazing the Direct Sales space could be as it completely turned my life upside down and propelled a whole new career and mission that I still live by this day….


I am not here to play small and I am not here to convince you otherwise.

But I am here to tell you that once upon at time, I felt like there was no way to get myself out of my situation, there wasn’t enough time, I didn’t want to miss out on milestones, I didn’t want to miss out on everything that I got used to. It took hard work, it took a lot of days crying to realise that I had to change my own mind ,my own ways and remember that I am 100% a bad ass when I start working towards something I WANT.

So that’s what I did.

I got up, worked on my mindset and paired myself with a company that is moving mountains within the industry, that is paving the way for female financial independence and empowerment, all while offering products that have never been offered to the everyday woman and only set aside for the pros and celebrities.

More than ever though....

Why you should work with me

Let’s do a quick overview!

- Executive Direct Sales Leader

- Previously reached top title of compensation plan

- Multiple six figure earner since the beginning of Direct sales career

- Mentored over 600 men and women with a cumulative total of over $5.9 million in sales

- Top Enroller & Incentive Trip Earner x 3

- Conference Presenter/Speaker & Regional Host of corporate events

- Annual Mentor Award Recipient

- Field trainer and systems/program developer

I want to know more and if this could be for me too!


The PERFECT Foundation!!

LimeLife by Alcone’s foundation has been a staple in the professional makeup world for over 60 years. It’s so popular for many reasons:

1. It’s 50% pigmented. A typical foundation from high end stores like Sephora and Mecca is 18%-22% pigmented. A little bit goes a long way! Because you use so little, there’s no worry about your foundation looking or feeling heavy or cakey.

2. Noncomedogenic: Noncomedogenic is a fancy way to say that it won’t clog your pores. Many people say that the foundation clears up their skin! In actuality, they didn’t realise that their former foundation was causing the breakouts.

3. Wax based: LimeLife’s foundation is not a liquid or a cream, it’s a botanical wax base. This gives the foundation a skin like appearance. Plus, it doesn’t absorb into your skin. If you’ve ever noticed your foundation disappearing throughout the day, that’s likely because your foundation is being absorbed into your skin.

4. It’s buildable: you can either put a thin layer of foundation on for a more natural look, or keep building up coverage for a more glam look without getting cakey.

5. One pan of foundation lasts the average customer 6 months or more!

6. Variety of shades: LimeLife offers 22 shades of foundation. The wide range of shades is a testament to LimeLife and it’s mission to empower women all over the globe!

7. Magnetic pan: The foundation comes in a metal pan. This allows the foundation to stay in magnetic palettes such as the popular Z-palettes.

8. It’s paraben free! Which means there’s no yucky preservatives in your makeup! Plus it’s vegan and leaping bunny certified.

9. The formula is straight from RCMA, one of the leading and best selling foundations in the WORLD

Dew Date


Once you have this in your life, you will never be without it again!

It is one of those holy grail products that you never even knew you needed... especially if you have oily skin.. why add oil, right? But oil is VITAL for oily skin!

Oils are effective because they mimic our skins natural, beneficial oils. If your skins lipid barrier has been damaged in any way - often from over exfoliating or exposure to pollution .. oils can help restore it back to its normal state!

If you find yourself needing to reduce inflammation and protect your skin from damage... this product will be your best friend for life.

It can be used alone as a moisturiser, paired with your favourite moisturiser for a boost and even mixed in with our foundations for the most incredibly dewy finish!

Because of the aromatic blends of essential oils, used before bed becomes a nice relaxing end to the day!

Making Waves Waterproof Mascara

When we say waterproof, we mean waterproof! And not only that... but it took YEARS to introduce this forever asked for product because the formula needed to be SPOT ON!

There are a few things that set this apart from other water proof mascaras... it stands up against tears, water and sweat aswell as the oils that come from oily skin!

It makes lashes feel soft instead of stiff and it not only is gentler to them but it also nourishes and maximises volume on every application!

In a nutshell....
Our vegan, waterproof mascara gives maximum volume and hold that lasts all day without smudging. Shea Butter provides glossiness to the lashes making them look darker while Vitamin E moisturizes lashes making them feel soft.

If you decide on this legendary mascara, I highly suggest picking up the Makeoff Remover Spray! Otherwise, you’ll have this mascara on for the rest of your days! It’s a spray oil free formula and removes all makeup without feeling greasy! It’s safe on false lashes too... WIN!

Forty Cure Creme

This moisture-rich hand and body cream contains a blend of Citrus and Lavender Essential Oils and a valuable ingredient, Tamanu Seed Oil, obtained from “The Forty Cure” tree in Tahiti.

It is called The Forty Cure tree because it is proved to cure a variety of skin disorders including acne and acne scarring. This seed contains anti bacterial properties to help fight bacteria and has a unique ability to increase the formation of new skin tissue accelerating the healing process of scars and the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

This oil is used to treat wounds, rashes, burns, eczema, rosacea, dry skin, and many other skin ailments, and is the main ingredient in this therapeutic body cream.

If you are a Mama, this is the best for newborn dry skin and nappy rashes! It should be a staple for every first time parent!

Perfect Glow Drops

These creamy illuminating drops create the appearance of youthful, hydrated and radiant skin while naturally illuminating the complexion!

They are coconut infused drops are nourishing and hydrating helping the skin feel soft and smooth before you apply your makeup!

They can be used in so many ways!

On the day you want to go au naturale, add glow drops to your cheekbones and collar bones to bring that instant life back to your skin.

Use it for the finishing highlighting touches of your makeup by adding to the height of your cheekbones, the inner corner of your eyes and the Cupid’s bow... taking you from gorgeous to full glam!

Available in three shades : Rose, Champagne and Bronze

My personal go to for my skin tone is champagne if I am highlighting with or without makeup.

Bronze is SO good when put underneath foundation to give that really summery glow!

Skin Polish

This exfoliating mask is a best seller for a reason! Not only does it smell like a lemon meringue pie, the jojoba beads gently roll away impurities and dead, dehydrate skin leaving you with the freshest, softest skin!

The olive, lemon and cypress oil then restore and protect your skin!

You can use this product as often as you’d like... because you’ll want to! But you probably won’t need to use it any more than 1-2 times per week!

Use on clean, damp skin. Massage in using circular motions for 30 seconds and then leave on for 10-15 minutes (or longer if you want to!), rinse off and BAM! Enjoy that baby smooth skin that we all crave!

If you are finding your foundation separating or feeling as though your skin is drier with the season change, this is such a brilliant refresh and buff for your skin!