These are a few of my favorite things

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The hair oil for healing damage & hair growth

Rejuvenique Oil

+the only hair oil that is patented with a small enough molecule able to penetrate all three layers of the hair to promote healing to damaged hair from the inside out
+promotes growth
+dry oil, which means it won’t stain clothing or pillowcases
+perfect for every hair type
+packed with 13+ natural botanical oils +mimics your bodies natural oil production & balances the ph of your scalp and skin

A delicious vegan collagen

Collagen Key
+vegan collagen that helps aide in your natural collagen production
+peach flavored
+easy to dissolves

The best dry shampoo around

Champ Dry shampoo
+this dry shampoo is free of toxic chemicals, no butane, no propane, or isobutane
+rice starch is a key ingredient for absorbing oil and adding volume allowing you to extend time between washes

A heat protectant that protects up to 450 degs

Thermal Protect Styling Shield
& Thermal Protect Spray
+Stop toasting your hair, if you’re using hot tools this is going to be your best friend.
+Also comes as a spray

This is an over-processed blonde’s best friend

Hair Transformation Masque
+plant based keratin treatment
+improves strength and elasticity of hair
+fixes breakage and repairs brittle over processed hair
+nourishes and rebuild each individual strand from the inside out
+seals and reinforces newly reconstructed cuticle layer with defensive shield that prevents damage and split ends