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If you are interested in this application, even just a little— please take the time to read this!

I was skeptical, I was fearful, I had doubts! I even thought the online business situation was a joke. But I can assure you, it’s not! My journey started out with watching my step sister do this business! Before this business, she was a high school drop out, ran into trouble with the law, got pregnant young, etc. This opportunity honestly changed her life, and it SHOWED! I watched her flourish into an entirely different woman. She is now running for the second highest rank in the company! She is an incredible, inspiring, GOD fearing mama— and I wanted some of what she had! My interest was piqued, but it STILL took me two years to go all in! I always had that small doubt in my mind telling me that there was NO WAY I could do it, and worrying so much about what others may think! Well, those other people don’t pay our bills, sister, and I’m here to tell you if I can do it, then anybody can do it! There is nothing inside of me that isn’t inside of you!

I am still working a full-time job as a CNA for a baby with special needs! I was diagnosed with a chronic neurological condition when I was 19 years old called Myasthenia Gravis. It causes muscle weakness, fatigue, numbness, trouble swallowing, double vision, etc. Many times, I would feel defeated by my MG, until I was able to make an income working from my phone! On my rough days, I can still lay in bed and, yet, still feel a PURPOSE! I get to help woman reach their health and wellness goals every single day! Not only did THAT change my life, but the amazing all natural products helped me feel 10x more energetic and healthier! I became a product of the product, and was CONFIDENT in what I sold!

If you are anything like me then you don't want to spend the rest of your life building someone else's dreams, on their time!

Or maybe you love your current job (like me) and just need a little extra!

YOU can do it, and if you have been praying for an opportunity, or yearning for something MORE, then I've got your back! My team and I would be there with you every step of the way!

You deserve everything your heart desires.
Live your life of freedom.

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