About Me

Level up Your Life and Beauty Game

Hi friends!!! My name is Kaysi! If you’re like me and to busy to mess with time consuming products. Then you’re going to love what I have to offer!

I’m a busy mom of a toddler and a teenager. I have two jobs. One job just turned very part time and I work with kids with disabilities, It’s a fun job and the kids are amazing. My other job is working at a Day Spa which is the best job in the entire world!

Seint Beauty is my side business and is a part of me, I guess you could say even though I spend just as much time on it as a full time job.

I put my heart and soul into this makeup because I love helping other women feel as amazing, as they deserve to feel and look. Every women should feel like a ten when they walk out their front door, and that’s what I want to help them succeed in doing.

For a flawless beauty routine that only takes 5-10 minutes get in touch with me!

My VIP link for Facebook is on the links page as well as my Instagram page. If you want to head to my website it’s in my most important kinks as well as My Color Match form. Make sure you get that filled out so I can match you with your perfect colors!

In case you are looking for a sign…

Time to update your makeup!

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