keanna pauline malgapo

abante, babae.

Hi! I know this is cliche but still, I’ll be starting with my name. Keanna Pauline D Malgapo, 18 years old from Cavite. I graduated senior highschool at Lyceum of the Philippines University located in Cavite also. If ever wondering where I got my name, my mom thought that if she’d name me an artist’s name (particularly singer named Kiana Valenciano), I’d be a great singer too! Turns out, I’m not. But I love to sing although singing never liked me. The only thing I don’t like is a poor outfit choice.

There’s this strong reason why I chose PUP as my university, and that is, I am an advocate. PUP is built for student with great minds. I am a feminist by heart and blood. No, no one is born being an advocate or an activist but when you grow and start to see the things or issues that affect the people, your heart will experience the powerful sway to stand up and speak. I started fighting for women when I, firsthand, experienced being harassed some boys around the street. The usual catcalling treating us like we were some sort of a treat they can just get on and grab. After that, everything followed. Learned about different political and societal issues. But I am not romanticizing the fact that you should be experiencing/ed it first before you speak and stand, I believe that whenever you are aware of an issue and yet chose to be silent/ pick the neutral zone, you’re being a perpetrator of the evil. I‘m part of an organization called Saligph, a small non-profit organization.

I aspire to be a lawyer as of now, but maybe my path will still change! I’m definitely open for more opportunities. I don’t like setting boundaries, women are unstoppable. 🧚🏼‍♀️