Welcome to KEAP!

We started as KEMSA in 2012 as a kurdish european organisation for medical students, in 2020 - we are a kurdish european organization for academics and professionals

Since 2012, KEMSA has done several charity projects in Bashur and Bakur. Additinally, we also held conferences and Newroz events in manh countries throughout Europe.


Our Vision

In KEAP we are looking for you who want to create a network which will last a lifetime, create a hub for ideas and join new projects. We aim to start a journey full of adventures together.


Upcoming Events 2020

Annual Newroz Event Copenhagen, Denmark

Are you ready for our Newroz event 2020?
Every year KEMSA arranges a Newroz event with a conference + a party.
This year it will be in Copenhagen.
Date of the event is 27-29th March.
We create a social platform where you can meet, spend time and create ideas with many other Kurds just like you!
The conference will have speakers from all over Europe, while the event will be where we enjoy good food and music. Below, you will find some information about this year’s event


How to register

You need to register for our event so we can book you a hotel and also a prepare a little gift-box of surprise for you once you arrive.



After you have registered, we will book you a hotel room with other members. You will receive all information through your mail. We will also meet at your hotel on the first day of the event (27/3) at 6 pm.
We will all stay at the same hotel. No one will feel alone - this is a policy of our NGO (of course we give you «me-time» if you wish for that!).


Social Times

During the event, we will eat most meals together. We will also supply you with snacks during the conference!
Meals are very important. It is the time where we will get to know each other and exchange brilliant ideas.
Remember to tell us if you have any allergies in the registration form!



This year, we will do our Newroz event in Copenhagen.
Do you know Copenhagen?
Copenhagen is a city owned by bikes, hipster culture and lots of beautiful architecture!



We will start the event officially 28/3 with a conference. A various array of speakers will come and have a short seminar of 10 min. We will also have workshops and social games. There will also be an exhibition of art for you to watch. There will also be some surprises throughout the conference.
Chai? Coffe? Of course we will provide!
Also breakfast! Also snacks!


The Newroz Party

The Newroz party starts in the evening with after common dinner.
We will have a concert and surprises here too - so stay on watch!
We will also invite friends who are not kurds to exchange and show our culture and traditions. Let us all make lots of positive energy!