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Hi ! My name is Noreen, I’m a 20 yr old college student. I decided to take this opportunity to make an extra income, have more time freedom and have a healthier and more active lifestyle.
I love these amazing products , and I’ve been consuming them for 17 yrs. I would love to share this opportunity with you , and help you make an extra income.

I also have a nutrition shop in Houston , Tx πŸ“ where I can work around my school schedule.

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my journey in this business

my parents started doing this business 17 yrs ago. I decided to take this opportunity as a junior in high school as a way to make some money around school. I started working from my phone and with people I knew. I also have my own nutrition shop where I get to help my community by providing them with their daily nutrition. it’s been a crazy journey these last few years! I’ve learned so much about my self and grown so much because of this business. I’ve been able to design my future and achieve things i had never even dreamed of. As I work to
become the woman of my dreams, I am helping other young girls and women do the same. πŸ’“