That mom that does it all!

Strong women are intimidating, never dull your sparkle!

Wifey and Mama of 3! I work a full time job, currently finishing my degree and have a few side hustles. I guess you can say I’m a true Capricorn. I started this page during the pandemic because sometimes we just need something that is for ourselves. I wanted to show others my life and talents. Home decor was my main focus since we bought our first home, but I realized I brought so much more to the table then just decor.

That’s when I found seint. I fell in love with Seint makeup and couldn’t help but join the team because ladies who doesn’t want a simplified make up routine that not only makes you look great but makes you feel great.

Sometimes as a mom we forget about ourselves, and many of us might not have the time to pull out all our make up and play dress up. Well now you can have the time because with seint make up it’s all in the palm of your hand. Need I say anymore, now all you gotta do is try it and fall in love with yourself all over again! ❣️

Click on this link to go check out my personal seint page ⬇️