Support and care in all phases of motherhood


Natalia Kehat

Mom of 2 beautiful children and expecting the third one πŸ’œ

I moved to the US in 2018 when my first child was not yet 3 months old and a year later my daughter arrived.

I lived, and still live, motherhood fully and this has always been a theme that I liked and like to talk about to share with people. I have learned a lot on my maternal journey, and I dare say that I learned about motherhood a hard way, as we never had any kind of support.

During those years, with my education in physiotherapy and knowledge in women's health, besides few courses related to women and kids, I decided to go deeper and professionally into the topic of motherhood.

Being able to combine my studies with my experience to help other women to go through the phases of motherhood in a light and supportive way, which I haven't always had for me, is a dream that is coming true!

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What is that?

The transition to motherhood can be an exciting time, but it can also perform a sort of challenge.

This consulting program seeks to engage with the mother-to-be from the beginning and support her through the different stages of this transition.

By providing a confidential and supportive space, the maternity consultancy will guide those who want to conceive, pregnant women, new mothers, and those who have to rediscover their identity to identify the key elements that will support them to successfully embrace this new role.

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The maternal consultation program is ideally programmed before, during, and after the baby's arrival, allowing the mother-to-be to explore her concerns and expectations and begin to understand and have the tools for this phase of constant adaptation to the inevitable changes in life.

All the processes are done in a gentle and respectful way.

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((Wanna Be))

The WannaBe program includes 2 meetings where the topic covered involves guidance, explanations, self-care to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, as well as medical referral and exams to be done.



This program is made for pregnant women, to first-time moms or not, but to those that want to have a different follow-up in the pregnancy. The program includes 10 sessions, with follow-up every trimester, where topics relevant to the stage of pregnancy are shared and talked to better guide the mom.


(( New Born Mama ))

This program is designed for new moms, usually within the first 3 months of the baby's arrival. The program includes 2-3 sessions with information and support in the immediate postpartum period.



This program is designed for mothers after the first three, six months (or more!) of their baby's life.
It has a focus on rediscovering her identity after motherhood and the importance of self-care in order to take care of the other members of the family. There is an unlimited experience exchange in these meetings.

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Through 1-hour sessions, the consultancy develops with greater clarity and confidence a broader understanding of the entire experience of motherhood and what it means for the mother, in an individualized way, ensuring a greater sense of control at each stage of this transition period.

Through consultancy, we identify areas of potential challenge or conflict and the best way to solve them.

Together we build a clear plan that successfully supports all versions and needs of this new woman.


Remember that all modules include self-knowledge activities and are fully respectful of women and their desires and decisions, and not what is forced by society.

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