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Your time, happiness, and comfortability matters!

Howzit! 🙌🏽 Koʻu inoa ʻO Keanuonalani

~grab a seat, take a deep breath, and relax. You may be just as curious as I am. I tend to be picky about specific things, including what I put in my hair or on my skin, but I do believe I’m in the process of a life changing journey. Our hair is one of the many things we change to make us feel brand new, or make us feel good about ourselves; it expresses who we are in a way words can’t explain. As a woman, I expect my skin to glow and make me feel confident in my own body. Expectations come with growth, and while we learn together to walk this path of offering opportunities, let’s educate ourselves and meet our goals together! 💪🏽

Facts about myself ~

My name is Keanuonalani. To remember me, I’ve been given numerous nicknames (Anu, Nunu, Anulani, Anzz) are some of the many. I’m a part-time college student who looks forward to Nursing with a full-time job and a side job as a CNA 👩🏽‍⚕️. Respect, Loyalty, and Family is everything to me! When I got laid off, I’ve been relying on unemployment to support my family and it’s been extremely difficult.
I’ve been recently introduced to Monat, and as a picky individual, I find it both safe and fun to educate myself on during a time like this ✨. I was born on the island of O’ahu, raised in Lana’i, and made my way to Kaua’i with my beautiful mother who gave birth to my 3 younger brothers while raising both my oldest brother, (who is now an amazing father to my niece, and boyfriend to my sister-in-law) and I.
I’m a joyful, yet content Virgo ♍️ both introvert and an extrovert, who was raised to understand the differences between wants and needs ✅ and to continue running because we’re so close to reaching our goals at the finish line🏆. I believe I have the power in me to guide those in need, whether it’s advice on the lack of self-love, relationship advice, anything that you feel you have to juggle on a daily basis 💤 due to both my surroundings and my personal life. I love meeting new people 🗣 and learning new things I get to challenge myself with. I chose Monat to be my stepping stone 👣 because people always ask me when I’m going to do something for myself rather than everybody else.. I chose to choose Monat because it’s not just my drive of learning something new, but learning more about myself 🎓, what I can tolerate, and being able to be myself while benefiting others ⚖️ and making them happy along-side 🤗.

I’m beyond blessed to be where I am today, and what I’m able to learn. I couldn’t thank God enough for allowing me to wake up to better days! Amene!