About Me

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Heyyy Everyone! Welcome!
In case you don't know me, here is a little bit about my ME!
My name is Keiyana and I'm a self taught MUA💋
I love to travel the world 🌎 ✈️and try new things🏔
I am a 20 year old student attending college while also working a full time job. So I definitely run on a busy schedule.
I also really adore my curly hair and ALMOST made the decision to chop it off due to lack of moisture and split ends...UNTIL
I recently discovered Modern Nature and decided to try it out for myself.
And guess what? The results were there!!!
Not only did I want healthy hair, but I wanted to make an extra income sharing the products I already like and use. So I joined this amazing business opportunity!

What is Modern Nature?

🌱 Vegan ~Cruelty free ~Anti-Aging
Natural based hair, skin & wellness products!#Cleanbeauty

🌼This amazing company allows me to empower others by helping them achieve their goals! Not only through hair and skincare, but even the business! This allows me to make an income from my phone and travel whenever I want AND share this opportunity with you all! Aside from being an eye opener for me, it has taught me confidence, empowerment and new skills , while being a part of an engaging community surrounded by such supportive people!