what I do and how to get started —

Hey! I’m so excited that you’re here!
I’m Keleigh!
So what I do is I market for a health and wellness company!! I just show others how amazing the products are and make commission off the products sold on my personal website! I do not keep stock of the products! Customers order from my site and and the products get shipped directly to them which makes it very easy for me!
I’m a full time stay at home mom, AND a full time college student! I absolutely love this business and all of the amazing people that work beside me! I’d love to have you join my team too!
•make $500- $4000 a month!
•You must be 18+
•Work from your phone
•Set your own hours
I will coach and mentor you throughout your entire journey! The best thing about this business is that everyone wants you to be successful! There are tons of women waiting to help you reach your goals!
Of course, this is like starting your own business so it costs a little to get started!
You’ll pay $99, which will get you your license to sell, your own personal website, and seven samples for you to use or sell for $15 each! (So pretty much you make a profit instantly) :)
If you’re it quite sure about starting up, send me a message on Facebook(Keleigh D’Aun) or on instagram(Keleigh.daun) so that I can send you some more information! If you are ready to go ahead and jump in, click the link below to get started!

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