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Planning a Life I Love

Hi! I’m Heather- the content creator behind @kellofaplan ! I started kellofaplan in 2015 as a way to share my new love of planning. Since then, I’ve shared thousands of videos + photos teaching others how to plan a life they love!

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Planning a Life I Love

New to paper planning? Look no further than the Kellofaplan YouTube channel! With over 1,000 videos, there is something for every level of planner! If you just picked up your first planned, check out the Newbie playlist! Looking for more in-depth ideas? Check out the “How to Plan” playlist! There are videos on how to make your planner work for you, how to grow your social media platforms, and more! Have a question about planning? Kellofaplan has a video to help!

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Why I Use a Paper Planner

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Meet Heather

The Girl Behind Kellofaplan

Many of you know me as kellofaplan, but IRL I go by Heather! 🤪 I thought it’d be fun to share some fun facts here about me!

💛 I am a twin! My twin sister’s name is Holly. We are fraternal though- when we were younger people didn’t even think we were related, but we have started to look more like each other as we get older!
💛 I was born and raised in Alabama and graduated from The University of Alabama in 2009!
💛 I was a public school teacher/instructional coach for nine years!
💛 I met my husband, Matthew, through a dating app! My sister met her husband through a dating app, too!
💛 I have two brothers- Kevin & Chase!
💛 I am aunt to five beautiful nieces and nephews who I love way too much!
💛 Pizza is my favorite food!! 🍕🍕
💛 I worked at the Target in my hometown during breaks from college- summer break, Christmas break, etc.
💛 I was on color guard and the yearbook staff in high school!
💛 I’m a terrible singer. I once had a college music professor who told us on the first day of class that she didn’t believe in tone deafness. During my final exit exam, I had to play the piano and sing one on one with her. She told me she was proud of my hard work that semester but that I had convinced her that tone deafness was real. 😂😂
💛 I love baking but hate cooking!!
💛 I love anything Disney! Disney World + Disneyland are my happy places!
💛 I love traveling!! I can’t wait until it’s safe to travel again!
💛 I love Jesus. My life is proof that God still makes beautiful things out of dust. Life is hard, but God is greater. I’m so thankful for the peace and hope I have in Jesus Christ!
💛 I love getting to know YOU guys! Please message or email any time! I do my best to respond to as many as I can!