About Me

Hi there, I’m Kelly!

I grew up in the amazing state of Colorado! The mountains have my heart 🏔🖤 I have 3 brothers and my parents are my heroes!

In 2014, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with a little girl and became a single mom by choice. I believe in LIFE and I’m so grateful that my daughter is here today! I truly believe that God saved me and gave me a new sense of purpose, perspective, and identity when he gave me her!

I met my (now) husband in 2016 and we got married in 2018! He has a character of GOLD. He chose to step in and be Emma’s father and take on a role that I think a lot of men would run from. He is an entrepreneur and one of the hardest working men I’ve ever met!

I discovered the Keto diet when I was planning our wedding and fell in love with it! I lost 15 lbs in 3 months. The more I did it, the more I learned about ingredients and I became passionate about how I fuel my body! I had no idea at the time but it was the very thing that would lead me to the Pruvit community and the exogenous ketones that have changed my life!!

For so long, I placed my identity in being a single momma and I was damn proud of how I could provide for myself and Emma! But now that I am married and in a new chapter of life, I’ve found that this time is for me to reinvent myself and get back in touch with the things that make Kelly, Kelly!!!

So here I am, just an ordinary woman/wife/parent like you, writing her story one day at a time! I’ve LOVED surrounding myself with leaders and mentors who are positive, high-vibing, encouraging, and motivated. Most importantly, they want BETTER for their lives. They want to write their legacy and leave an impact. I believe it’s important to be around like-minded people. I’m fighting the urge to be result-driven and just enjoy the journey, as long as it may take.

We are all where we’re meant to be and it’s all happening EXACTLY as it should!