Hello! I’m Kelly

How Thrive has changed everything for me and can for you too!!

So much has changed since Jan. of 2020! It was going to be the year to remember I thought. Little did I know what 2020 really was going to be like!

I was introduced to thrive in 2018 but I sat on the sidelines and just watched my friend get and look healthier and reach financial stability. I finally decided to give it a try and it’s been the best decision I ever made!

Back then I promised myself I was going to make myself a priority. Not just for me but also for my grandsons. It’s important to be present in their lives. To take them to the park, have sleepovers, jump on the trampoline, snowball fights, bike rides, lunch dates, trade Pokémon cards, playing with marbles, swimming and movie nights.

Life has changed for the better and now I have tons of energy & focus.  The aches and pains in my hands and knees have lessened along with my migraines. I can tell my immune system is much stronger than it was a couple years ago and on top of all of that I’ve even lost weight.

If your ready to make a change then I’m ready to help you!