Let’s talk money!

The simple strategy that got me hooked

Six months ago, my hubby and I left our jobs, sold everything and moved into our caravan with our two dogs! We are on a journey around Australia indefinitely.

We have our savings that should last us at least a year or so set aside in our bank account and we thought that we were all set. It was only after we hit the road that making every dollar count forced me to look a little closer at our finances.

I couldn’t believe that our life savings were bringing in such a small amount of interest, it was almost painful to think that our combined savings gave us such little kick back each month. I knew that I had to find another avenue to check out.

I have always been in quiet denial about needing to learn about digital currency. I couldn’t get my head around it and felt that I needed a degree in finance just to keep up. I actively avoided any conversation that started with Bitcoin or trading… no thanks.

Then upon researching the different investment opportunities, I finally found a platform that is set up with automated trading, so no need to learn the lingo, no need to sit with my screen glued to the trading results (life is way too short). This was the one I needed to try. So I decided to bite the bullet and invested a small portion of my savings to see what would happen and the results made me sit up and pay attention.

Even at the lowest rate of interest, my small lump sum would be trading at 5%, compared to my life savings sat in the bank at 0.01%.

The biggest thing that I love about this specific platform, aside from not needing to know about trading is that everyone wins. It doesn’t matter if you are trading the smallest pack option or the biggest, you all get paid each week and you all receive the same interest rates.

The simplicity of the set up really helped me to make my decision. Within 72hrs of setting up my account, I was trading!

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