Allow me to Coach You Through #30DaysofHealthy Living

I will help you form positive, lasting habits, break through your weight loss plateau and kick start your health journey.

We start on Monday, September 20 with a week of preparation.
No pressure, no rush, just information and
getting to know one another.

Our #30DaysofHealthy eating plan starts on
Monday September 27, 2021

Together, as a group we will motivate and support one another and come out of this stronger on the inside and out!

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Hi Friends,

Our 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge that we've been doing this month has been so popular (and so fun for me to coach😉) that I want to do it again! This Health Coaching journey that I am just now embarking on feels really great and really natural. I'm having so much fun with it and I started my formal Functional Nutrition Certification this week, so I'll have more and more info all the time. I'd really LOVE to have you join me as I practice my coaching skills and we all honor our TOTAL MIND-BODY HEALTH next month.

Common irritants in our diet are responsible for so many of our daily physical issues (headaches, joint pain, bloating, irritability, low energy, weight gain, sleeplessness). Unless we eliminate common food groups that cause irritation and inflammation we will not know our sensitivities to them. In just 30 days of clean eating you will start to see your body performing at its best! Imagine more energy, solid nights of sleep, belly bloat disappearing and the feeling of being in control over your food choices.

For 30 days we will eat lean meats (or not), veggies, beans, fruits, nuts, and so much more. By focusing on whole foods and Arbonne nutrition products we will be able to adjust our days and meals with ease and without hours of prep. I will partner with you to make this month as easy as possible. Arbonne provides us with a great and motivating Facebook Group that offers recipes, shopping lists, education and encouragement if Facebook is your thing. I will also be checking in with motivation, support and recipes via text, email and Instagram throughout the 30 days. You will feel super supported as you take this big step to feeling like a million bucks!

In addition to the clean eating plan we will be making 1-2 smoothies a day utilizing Arbonne's vegan pea protein (KETO friendly), as well as adding in a bunch of super clean and energizing supplements to support our detox and rebuilding. There are definitely some rules and things we need to eliminate from our diets, but I promise to make this fun. Every little bit counts towards a long and happy life, so even small changes can make a big difference. I'll be with you every step of the way and after 30 days we'll be stronger, smarter and happier because we took a big step toward our self care and longevity.

I am not charging for my coaching in this challenge. This is a GREAT project for me as well as good practice as I continue along my Functional Nutrition journey. The only financial commitment is a #30DaystoHealthy kit to purchase from Arbonne. These products are really awesome. Rick, Lucy and I use so many of them because they are super clean, super gentle and delicious, I know you will want to continue with many of them well beyond the 30 days. BECOMING A PREFERRED CLIENT YIELDS 40% OFF, SO MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP WHEN YOU CHECK OUT. I WOULD HATE FOR YOU TO PAY RETAIL UNNECESSARILY.

My goal is to have a dozen friends join me in this. I've sent this to people all over the country, so hopefully we'll have a nationwide group working together! I know we can make it through, feel amazing and I really appreciate the opportunity to hone my coaching skills while we all benefit from some good clean living.

This isn't about being perfect, this is about being good to ourselves. We will need some will power, but also we'll need to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves grace when things don't go so great. Remember, every little thing you do for your self care is a step in the right direction and one thing that you didn't do yesterday.

Join Me....

Kelly Liken
Chef & Health Coach
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