My Top Picks

Just some of my latest favorites

Pura Smart Plug In

You can control the fragrance from an app on your phone and even enable tracking so that it turns off when your phone leaves the house so it doesn’t waste scent! And the scents are safe without toxins like most plug ins and air fresheners.

$12 off first purchase

Nurished Health

The kids actually like the immunity boosters…they are like healthy pixie sticks! I LOVE the superfood energy drinks. Perfect shot of energy in the afternoon with superfoods and nutrients along with it. Much better than the soda I usually crave. Peach is my favorite.

KT15 saves you 15%

Sonic Oral Care

These toothbrushes have helped make things a bit easier…bristles and heads are designed for kids’ mouths and they have built in timers so they can’t cheat on brushing.

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‘Clean’ cleaning

Use code BTS30 to save $30 on this Force of Nature bundle for reusable, natural cleaning. Enough to last you all year!

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Smart Scale

Weight only shows you so much. I love that this measures your muscle mass along with 17 measures to look at your overall progress. I have the Dara and love it.

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Our favorite CO gear!

We order again and again from this company and love all of the tees, hats, and fleeces that we have gotten! I’m stocking up while they have grab bag tees available at a killer deal! Use link to get $20 off your first order to sweeten the deal!

Outdoor | Colorado Gear

Adventure Journals

Exploring national and state parks is a favorite of ours and I LOVE tracking our adventures in these journal books.

Adventure Journals


My new addiction is these sunglasses! So many fun styles...the polarized lenses are so clear...and the price is right for someone that looses their glasses often 😂 Link will give you $20 off!


Monthly Hair Accessories + Earrings

Choose a set that works for you or your little one and have them delivered monthly!

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