My Top 5 Tips

for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Sustainable living seems to leave this lingering sense of overwhelm for so many people. But it’s really about taking small steps, gradually, and realizing how far you’ve come and feeling fulfilled in the difference you’re truly making! Don’t let people pressure you into feeling like you need to perfect in the process. That’s not realistic (and shame on them)! The switch comes with time - and enjoy the process loves - mother earth needs us & we need her! 🌎 💚

Turn It Off

Conserving energy is one of the most important steps you can take in reducing your carbon footprint. Simply turn off (or unplug) your electricals, rather than leaving them on standby, and you will use less energy & even see a difference in your energy bills (you’re welcome 😉)!

Super easy appliances to start with: the toaster, Keurig, microwave, phone chargers, fans, and night lights!

Eat Less Meat

You had to know this would be on here! 🌱 Cutting back on your meat consumption (even just a few times a week) can actually make a huge impact in combatting climate change, ocean dead zones, && soil, air and water pollution. The livestock sector alone generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all automobiles combined 🤯 That’s insane right? But true!!

If you make an effort to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, I promise the environment and your body will thank you for it!! && don’t be afraid to get creative, to try new things. You’ll be surprised how many delicious plant based recipes are out there... even on a budget!

Save Water

So I’m sure you’ve all seen that Michael Phelps commercial where he encourages us to turn the faucet off when brushing our teeth. Well, he was on to something there! The average American family uses over 300 gallons of water every single day. Unfortunately climate change is causing droughts around the world, which makes this point even more important!

Now don’t worry... this doesn’t mean you have to give your bath time ritual the boot. But you can make simple efforts in reducing your daily consumption - like shutting off the faucet when you brush your teeth, using the hose less (you can save around 30 gallons for every 5 mins you don’t use it), wash full loads of laundry instead of a bajillion small loads (like hello time saver too), choose tap water over bottled water (it actually takes a LOT of water to manufacture plastic bottles).

Simple. Easy. Doable 🌱

Reduce Plastic

Yeesh! The plastic has taken over 😬. But the switch can actually be simpler and easier than you may think! Here’s just a few budget friendly ways to start:

• Snag yourself some reusable grocery bags (this one’s HUGE)! Leave them in the trunk of your car and you’ll always have them when you need them. Think of the insane amount of plastic bags used in every grocery trip 🤭! Nothing a few canvas bags can’t solve.

• Another grocery tip: buy your fruits and veggies loose. What does that even mean Kelsey? Don’t go for those plastic bags to hold your cucumbers and peppers. They’ll be just fine without them, just be sure to wash your veggies at home!

• Reusable straws! Like oh my god, this has been a huge thing for me. I love my eco friendly reusable straws! I could never use a plastic straw again. No thanks Dunks keep the straw 🙌! I literally snagged a pack of 8 for like $5!! They’re out there folks, you just have to be open to it!

• Swap out those plastic sandwich bags for reusable ones. They can hold your pb&j’s and pepper halves just fine! You can even find some really cute ones (mine have little 🌵 on them) and they’re so so easy and hassle- free to wash! So no stress about added dishes.

Shop Smarter

This is really all encompassing here - and I want to stress that shopping smarter does not require breaking the bank! There are so many amazing options out there for a reduced budget.

• Shopping second hand doesn’t require any new raw materials in the process, and if you must shop new try to shift towards more eco-friendly materials. Not only do natural fibers like cotton feel nicer on your skin and last longer, but they don’t contain microfibers that eventually get dumped into our water and marine life when we wash them. Win-win!!

• Eat locally (when possible)! Foods shipped from other countries are simply not as sustainable as apples grown the next town over. Plus you get to support your local farmers market and small businesses in the process! Rather than dumping your hard earned money into grocery super-stores that inflate their prices anyway.

• You can always just buy less! Shocking I know 🤣 but do we really need 35 pairs of shoes, probably not!!