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Hi, Kels here. If you’re new to my page, Welcome!
Just a few things I love: Jesus + Yellow + Sushi + Dogs + Traveling + Wine + The Beach + Hiking + Country Music + Spending quality time with my friends, and family. Now when I say I love to travel, I mean I REALLY love to travel. I thrive in new locations and love meeting new people! Two words to describe my life— ADVENTURE AND SPONTANEITY!
I am currently located in Memphis, TN. My goal is to be moving to Nashville in November 2021!
Now that you know a lil more about me, I’d love to know more about you and what brought you to my page! Wanting a little extra income? Maybe an all expense paid vaca? Maybe even some social marketing training? Message me!
I’ve never really known my exact place in this world but all I have ever known is that I want to make a difference in others lives. It is my sole passion in life to be able to help + serve others and I have been given that opportunity. I’m a proud female business owner + consultant for the #1 hair care brand in the world. I get to do what I love with the most amazing people I have ever met- ALL THROUGH MY PHONE!
Ready to change your life?
Let’s talk business and join my tribe ⭐️
Xo, K