More about Life Reignited

Hi I’m Kelsey, life coach for high achievers. Being a former gymnast of 20 years, I understand the chase of achievements and perfection.

Maybe this will sound familiar to you…

- You pride yourself on working on thing after thing, only to reach the end of your goal and feel like something’s still missing.
- You have a strong ability to self-motivate but your inner voice is really critical and sometimes just mean.
- You do everything you can to be successful but are filled with self-doubt and burnt out all the time.

Friend, I get you.
You are not alone.

We have been conditioned to believe that achievements = purpose, and our level of success will make us good enough.

I’m here to help you unlearn the idea that your worth can be earned.

My coaching philosophy is centered around teaching women how to befriend failure, and help them identify and refine thinking patterns. It is my mission to help women see that their self-worth does not depend on their achievements alone.

Its time for you to start using your innate strengths in your favor.

The Life Reignited program is designed to empower you from the inside out. You will learn techniques and skills that will change the way you live, for years to come. When coaching I aim to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to challenge yourself and enable you to discover who you are in a new way.

Imagine the relief it would be to be able to silence your inner critic, move forward in the presence of fear, find clarity in the face of anxiety, and ignite your self-confidence - authentically.

All of that and so much more awaits you inside Life Reignited. Let’s get started.

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Client kind words


Testimonial from Madison W

I recently had a job change and I was feeling overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities and changes. After only a few sessions with Kelsey, she helped me to better manage my stress, discover ways to give myself grace, and change my mindset. Because of her guidance, I can proudly say that I have become successful in my role at a faster pace than I ever thought possible. The positivity and “steadiness” that we have worked on has gotten me a promotion and acceptance into a leadership program with my company. I feel like I am the best version of myself I’ve ever been. I am so grateful to work with her! -Madison W

Words clients used to describe themselves after coaching:

Refreshed, Empowered, Confident, Calm, Hopeful, Grounded, Equipped, Positive, Trusting, Refined, Clear-Minded, Strong, Capable, Decisive


I have been coached by Kelsey for a few months and I honestly believe that coaching is something I could not live without! I have always struggled with opening up, but I felt heard and understood during our sessions. Kelsey gently guided discussion, where I learned things about myself that I had never realized. You can truly feel her compassion and sincerity when working with her, and her arsenal of skills and methods to reduce stress has made me more present and helped me more than I can explain.

Testimonial from Vanessa C

Kelsey is a wonderfully insightful coach, seeing things in me that I was unable to. During our coaching sessions, she artfully asked questions that allowed me to focus on my strengths and envision times where I excelled and performed at my best. Kelsey has such an organic nature and way of connecting. She created such a safe space to be able to share and was truly interested in helping me reach and achieve my goals. Kelsey has been the perfect partner in helping me perform at my best.

Testimonial from Karyssa T

Trying to elevate my life and myself I have been searching for outside help to do so. I was able to find Kelsey through social media. Every time we met she was so friendly and kind which made it easy to open up right away about everything I needed! She had great ideas on how to guide me forward as well as how to take my life to the next level. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a life coach! She is brilliant and relatable.