Hi it's me, Kelsey

held together by faith + love + possibility

Like many moms, I found myself lost as to who I was outside of that.
After getting married to my childhood sweetheart, Eli, and having 2 beautiful little girls, Laureli + Emma, I knew I needed to show them that you really can have it all.
I have always had a love for the beauty industry. I attended cosmetology school straight out of highschool and worked as an apprentice in a Salon for 2 years. Although I loved working behind the chair, I loved being home with my kids more. Low and behold the perfect job fell right into my lap, a beauty educator.
It has been 4 years now and lots has changed, and some stayed the same. We had our 3rd child, our first boy, Walker, and
are in the midst of rebuilding our 1940s homestead. I may be busy with kids, cows, chickens, rabbits and pigs but my fuel is the people I get to help feel beautiful from the inside out. Better than that, I get to work along side over 75 hard working people on my team. Helping them create a life they don't need a vacation from.

So where do you fit into this? Well, when you shop with me, you are directly impacting my family but more than that, it's my hope, I can directly impact yours. Proving you with professional makeup + all natural skincare. Maybe even helping you work towards YOUR dreams.

Considered the top choice of professional artists everywhere

If you are not obsessed with your foundation, you are wearing the wrong one

This pro formula, used by celebrity MUA all over the world, is designed to replicate the texture + look of your skin. Non-comedogenic, never sinking into your pores and never changing color throughout the day.

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Send me a color matching selfie

This is the most accurate way to get your shade matched perfectly! Follow the directions of this photo and I will personally color match you! Click the link and simply send me a Facebook message.

Workin mama collection

Sometimes you need to be beauty + the beast.

Curated for the busy woman who wants to look like a million bucks without having to spend it in dollars or time. With this, you not only will save $48, you will have a makeup routine customized for YOU! Every color, every shade.
DM or text "workin" to get your collection customized for YOU

Perfect Complexion Palette

The beginning of every flawless face starts with the foundation. Get custom color matched by yours truly and learn how to use multiple products for multiple things!

Eyebrows + Eyeliner

 Eyebrows are so important because we need them to shape our face, but don't be intimidated I am here to show you how!
The eyeliner is one of my faves to be able to add a pop of color that looks like it took an hour, but we only have 10 minutes.

Blush + Stay

The translucent powder will make sure that your make up will stay in place all day long. The blush, that is what makes us look youthful!

My favorite lips

The most buttery soft lips that last all day. Choose a bold or a nude, no matter what you can't go wrong!

The Perfect Glow

Glow drops can be used for many different things, but I will show you how to use them to add a touch of glow, making your skin look youthful and glowing! The best part.... this will be added for FREE to your collection!