Plant-Based Nutrition

Hi! I’m Kelsey.

I currently live on the Gold Coast, Australia where I enjoy spending time with friends and family, cooking good food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I have a background in psychology although it wasn’t until I adapted to a plant-based diet almost three years ago where I found my passion in nutrition. For me it was a progressive process, with my driving force being mostly physical health reasons. After living in Japan and eating anything and everything, it was time to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to start nourishing my body with the right foods.

A few years on, veganism is a lot more than just a way of eating, and I have learnt this through educating myself on not only the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet, but the effects of agriculture and livestock production on the environment, and the long-term health consequences that can arise from eating an omnivorous diet.

The benefits of eating a plant predominant diet most definitely outweigh any initial reasons you may have for not doing it any sooner. You will find this yourself if you too decide to lean more toward a plant-predominant lifestyle. All we can ask is that we try our best to be conscious of the wider picture when we choose simple day-to-day food choices, whether that’s cutting down your meat consumption or swapping dairy products for dairy-free alternatives.

I created this Instagram to share knowledge that I have acquired through my studies and I hope that you gain some insight into the world of plant-based nutrition and all the benefits it has to offer.

Thank you for following my passion project