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This is it

Heyyyy love, Welcome to my page ✨

My name is Kemari and I’m....

Just a 23 year old building her dream life obsessed with helping others to be their best selves & making an income while making an impact.

So now let’s talk about why you’re here, the golden question, What the hell does this girl do ? I started an online business as a college student, studying to become a teacher with one foot in and one foot out really asking myself “do I really want to be a teacher”? I strictly started because I wanted an escape from my life. Going to school, going to work day in and day out and feel like you have nothing to show for it, sound familiar... I literally told myself I have nothing to lose so why not go for it!

In the last 2 years, social media & this business has changed my life. It’s now my goal to help others become their best selves, realized their potential and take shit to the next level!

I want to help you actually start living and not just going through the motions of life. No matter who you are, your background, where you come from if you are reading this, just know you are here & found this page for a reason!


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What do we do?

#SOCIAL SELLING. We use the best beauty products on the market and we get paid to do it! Do you guys share your favorite tv show, your favorite place to shop on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter ? Then guess what you’re already doing what we do, you just do it for free. Why not get paid for it ?

Do the products actually work ?

Yes Yes and Yes. This is what a few months of consistent use of vegan, naturally based, products look like. Clinically backed and proven to show results and are customizable to your hair type.
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What makes us different ?

Simple. REJUVENIQUE OIL. Our patented botanical blend of 13+ essential oils has a small molecular structure that is small enough to penetrate your hair and skin so it can actually repair from the inside out. It’s our secret sauce and we’re the only ones on the market who have it !

What makes us so different ?

The proof is in the results


The perks don’t stop

~custom beauty routine based on your own hair type, skin type or goal. customized by yours truly🧚🏼

~ enough hair or skin products to last 4-6 months or more

~ styling/ treatment products that last 6-12 months

~ 15% off for life + up to an additional 25% off depending on order

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