About me

What’s up my lovely collective of humans

For those who aren't familiar with me, my name is Kenia. I am a selfless, strong, and independent (as shit) Latina who does not let up. My purpose on this earth is to express myself with boldness and brilliance.

Im sure most can relate with me on the basis that I came from nothing. Just a bay girl that followed the norm and after high school went to college for something I thought I wanted. As soon as I was old enough to work, I hit the ground running and had jobs that ranged from waitress to nanny, and receptionist. I mean, you name it I've done it. During the course of my 20’s I landed a Coordinating job, running my companies social media platforms for years, making me a wiz. I have always worked as hard as I saw my parents work my whole life. All with the goal to have some financial stability + freedom (except that with that 9-5 I had barley any freedom).

Now in present day, I get to work in advertising marketing for the amazing company that is Monat. A chance to build a dream and soar as high as you can go. I’m blessed to have gained the experience I needed and to now be able to do it on the side. Design, art, hair care, makeup, social media, and writing have always been my jam. Now, i have the opportunity to focus full time on what I actually love without restricting myself, my time and my creativity, which are some of the most important things in my life.

Our product

The facts

This is the first haircare line on the market to penetrate the hair cortex and repair it from the inside out. (This means is our products don't sit on top of the hair strand and cover it in waxes, build up etc.)

Our products are:
• Vegan
• Naturally based
• Cruelty free
• Non flammable
• Sulfate free
• Paraben free
• Phthalates free
• Works from the root
• Last up to 5 months

A lot of drugstore and high end brands contain things that cause build up. When build up covers the strand when bleaching and/or coloring it can cause extreme breakage and damage because there are layers of gunk between the actual strand of hair and the products you are trying to use.

• Clinically proven ingredients
• One size does not fit all for hair care

We have a hair consultation quiz and will provide a specialized hair care routine for everyone
Whether your hair is thick/thin, oily/dry/normal, colored, curly/straight, we have it ALL covered

VIP details

The deets

Get the clean products you need in your life by signing up as a VIP + get awesome perks. We are a high end beauty brand and you def get what you pay for.

• One-time $19.99 fee (first order)
• Free shipping on all qualifying orders
• Referral program
• Birthday gift
• 15% off ALL products
• Access to our bomb flash sales

Referral program: if you recommend the products to a friend and they sign up as a VIP, you’ll both get $20 in credit to your next purchase!

Our flash sales are a STEAL and only available to VIPs and Market Partners.

Let’s talk bizz

For my gals who are ready to fall into something new that could be a life changing experience. Reach out and let’s figure it out!