Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift.

Taylor Swift is 31 years old and was born on December 13, 1989. Taylor spent her early years growing up on her family’s Christmas tree farm in Montgomery County.

Taylor Swift is 31 years old and was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Taylor spent her early years growing up on her family’s Christmas tree farm in Montgomery County.

Her mother’s name is Andrea Finlay & her father is Scott Kingsley Swift.

Taylor’s father went to college at the University of Manoa, Hawaii.

Andrea wanted to name her daughter Taylor because she didn’t people to be able to know her gender, just by reading her name.

Taylor’s younger brother Austin, attends Vanderbilt University and is also at freelance photographer in his spare time.

Her grandmother was a professional opera singer, which inspired Swift from a young age.

Over the years, Taylor’s had many nicknames, some of which are: Tay, Swifty, T-Swift, T-Swizzle and T-Sweezy.

At age 10, Swift was singing at a variety of local events, including contests & fairs.

Age 11, she performed at a Philadelphia 76ers game and sag ‘The Star-Spangled Banner‘. She also won a local talent competition singing LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Big Deal‘.

At age 12, a computer repairman taught Taylor how to play three chords on the guitar, which inspired her to learn to play the guitar and start song-writing. Her first song was called ‘Lucky You‘.

Taylor wrote a 350 page novel when she was 12, which so far, has never been published.

Taylor Swift is extremely talented, she can play the guitar, piano, ukulele, electric guitar and the banjo!

She is also a talented painter.

One of her favorite items of clothing she likes to wear is a pair of cowboy boots.

Swifty’s lucky number is 13.

She says Shania Twain is her biggest musical influence, however she’s also ‘devoted’ to Britney Spears.

After watching a Behind the Music special on Faith Hill, Taylor knew she had to move to Nashville, Tennessee to persue her musical dreams.

At the age of 14, Taylor, along with her family moved to Nashville.

Orange is a combination of yellow and red and is considered an energetic color. 

Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Orange is often used to draw attention, such as in traffic signs and advertising.

Color experts agree that orange radiates warmth and energy, and it's also the color of our sacral chakra, which stimulates our sexuality and emotions.

Orange can be a very strong and energetic color. Like yellow and red, it can be very attention-grabbing, which is perhaps why it is often used in advertising.

People often describe orange as bright, happy, and uplifting. In some cases, however, it can seem too bright and overwhelming.

Aries is a cardinal sign that kicks off not only the spring season but also the entire zodiac wheel.

Considered one of the strongest zodiac signs, Aries can be quite fearless in the face of danger. They're extremely courageous and brave, and can even take on a challenge head-on with no hesitation. They'll never fall under pressure because they thrive on it.

Aries is a fire sign, and boy are they HOT. They do everything with passion, that is what defines them.

They tend to follow their dreams over money and that is why they end up doing jobs that they love. They will also never settle for anything less than they deserve.

Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac. starts on March 21 or the Spring Equinox. They are usually pioneers, leaders, and inventors. Aries tend to be physically active, very good at sports, competitive, and full of energy.

Aries will never let you face your problems alone. They will always be right there to protect you.

Aries becomes heartless with whoever breaks their trust.
An Aries sometimes can be an asshole and other times they can be the sweetest person you know. It all depends on you.

An Aries don’t care about having a lot of friends. They just need people around them who are genuine and real as they come.

Your actions tell an Aries everything they need to know about you.
When an Aries is quiet, it’s usually because they have so much on their mind or they just do not want to be bothered at all.

Huge Aries problem: not knowing how to properly deal with their anger.

A Walk to Remember is the story of an only son of a wealthy family that finds true love with the most unexpected person.

The daughter of a minister (Mandy Moore) meets the only son (Shane West) and the story takes us through hard times, love and bitter sweet passion.

Landon builds a telescope for Jamie to see a one-time comet in the springtime, and with help from Jamie's father, he finishes it in time to give Jamie a beautiful view of the comet.

It is then that Landon asks her to marry him. Jamie tearfully accepts, and they get married in the church where her mother was married.

Nicholas Sparks, in A Walk to Remember, sets out to debunk this theory. In this novel, Sparks shows us that the best decisions — the ones that matter the most in our lives — are best made by listening to your heart. Landon Carter, the protagonist, has been listening to his mind for years.

BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”

There Are Seven Members

At the time of their release, the group’s name surprised fans with how cheesy it sounded, thanks to its Cub Scout-inducing name. Luckily, the group picked BTS as their English-language tag, saving face for English-speaking fans.

Five is the typical amount of members for American boy bands, but Korea has gone all the way up to double digits, so seven is pretty tame. BTS consists of rappers Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope and vocalists Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Out of the septet, only Jimin and Jungkook don’t go by their stage names.

throughout the group’s discography, with rappers Suga and Rap Monster in particular gaining recognition as producers. The group has co-written the majority of their songs with Korean producer Pdogg and Slow Rabbit to create their distinct hip-hop-infused dance style.

Save the Dates!

Holidays in the Philippines

The Good Food

Tastes great! Eating something delicious right now?

Fancy restaurants are beautifully, sometimes lavishly decorated. Combined with the low lighting they are very often romantic. Expect fresh flowers, tasteful artwork, candlelight, classical music, and linen tablecloths and napkins.

Clothy Clothing

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu. 

A clothing line is a collection of apparel designed for a target audience and sold in retail locations and/or through online stores. When you enter into the clothing industry, creating a clothing line includes establishing a company, designing the clothes, selecting materials, and sourcing the manufacturing process.

Child At Heart

Making A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Step 1 : Get two slices of bread
Step 2: Put butter on the bread
Step 3: Put a slice of cheese on bread
Step 4: Cover the sandwich with another slice of bread
Step 5: Put the bread in a pan and gill it.
Step 6:Eat and Enjoy!

Toy Story 4


Andy is now Grown up and packing up his bags, including Woody, for college leaving Buzz and the rest of his toys in a trash bag to be kept at their attic. Accindentally, the trash was thrown out by Andy's mom by mistake, Knowing of what was happening, Buzz and the other toys escaped and how in a box that was going to be donated to

Tom Hanks - Woody (Voice)
Tim Allen - Buzz Lightyear (Voice)
Joan Cusack - Jessie (Voice)
Ned Beatty - Lotso (Voice)
Don Rickles - Mr. Potato Head (Voice)
Michael Keaton - Ken (Voice)
Wallace Shawn - Rex (Voice)
John Ratzenberger - Hamm (Voice)
John Morris - Andy (Voice)
Jodi Benson - Barbie (Voice)
Emiliy Hahn - Bonnie ( Voice)
Laurie Metcalf - Andy's Mom (Voice)
Blake Clark - Slinky Dog (Voice)
Teddy Newton - Chatter Telephone (Voice)
Bud Luckey - Chuckles (Voice)
Bea Miller - Molly (Voice) (as Beatrice Miller)
Javier Fernandez-Peña - Spanish Buzz
Timothy Dalton - Mr. Pricklepants (voice)
Lori Alan - Bonnie's Mom (Voice)
Charlie Bright - Young Andy/Pea-in-a-Pod (Voice)
Kristen Schaal - Trixie (Voice)
Jeff Garlin - Buttercup (Voice)
Bonnie Hunt - Dolly (Voice)
John Cygan - Twitch (Voice)
Jeff Pidgeon - Aliens (Voice)
Whoopi Goldberg - Stretch (Voice)
Jack Angel - Chunk (Voice)
R. Lee Ermy - Sarge (Voice)
Jan Rabson - Sparks (Voice)
Richard Kind - Bookworm (Voice)
Erik Von Dettin - Sid (Voice)
Amber Kroner - Pea-in-a-Pod (Voice)
Brianna Maiwand - Pea-in-a-Pod (Voice)
Jack Willis - Frog (Voice)
Carlos Alazraqul - Additional Voice (Voice)
Teresa Ganzel - Additional Voice (Voice)
Jess Harnell - Additional Voice (Voice)
Danny Mann - Additional Voice (Voice)
Mickle McGowan - Additional Voice (Voice)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Additional Voice (Voice)
Bob Peterson - Additional Voice (Voice)
Jerome Ranft - Additional Voice (Voice)
Lee Unkrich - Additional Voice (Voice)
Jim Ward - (Voice) ( as James Kevin Ward)
Colette Whitaker - Additional Voice (Voice)
Constantino Bravos - Children (Voice)
Taiana Huff - Children (Voice)
Adam Joshua Jastrow - Children (Voice)
Leo Jergovic - Children (Voice)
Theodore F. Kayser - Children (Voice)
Gia Michailidis - Children (Voice)
Nikolas Michailidis - Children (Voice)
Aramé Scott - Children (Voice)
Woody Smith - Children (Voice)
Hannah Unkrich - Children (Voice)
Godfrey Gao - Ken (Voice)
Sherry Lyn - (Voice) (uncredited)
Frank Welker - Bullseye/Buster/The Monkey/Pigeon (Voice) (Uncredited)

MNL48 Gabb Skribikin

Gabrielle Ruedas Skribikin

Born on August 31, 2002, Gabrielle Skribikin is a first-generation member of MNL48 and is a member of Team L. She ranked 10th in MNL48's first general elections in 2018 and recently placed 12th in the second general elections in April.