Juneteenth Community Caravan —

Celebrating Black Lives, Black Joy & Black Liberation

I’m celebrating Juneteenth (and my birthday) with a lil twist this year! Create posters, decorate your car, and join me on a 30-40 min. route through downtown Columbus to celebrate a night of FREEDOM 🖤

Follow the steps below to get the most out of the experience:

1. Check Out the Flyer

Tell a friend to tell a friend!

Special thanks to @elijahjustice for designing yet another bomb flyer for lil ol me.

Download Flyer

2. GoFundMe

The greatest birthday gift I could receive this year is your help in reaching my goal of $1,865 (yes, the year of freedom) to split donations between two Black community spaces in Columbus, OH:

Zora’s House (@zorashouse614)
Maroon Arts Group (@maroonartsgroup)

Donate Money

3. JQBX App

This is where the “lil twist” comes in. Those who download this app will be able to join the listening party on the day of the caravan. Kinda like a radio station, we’ll be celebrating to a curated playlist at the same moment in time.

Download JQBX

4. Make a Statement

Get creative and make posters and/or decorate your car to spread a positive message in honor of Juneteenth!

We’ll have 30 min. before departing from the meeting location, so try to have this done ahead of time!

5. Caravan Route

View the mapped route and download step-by-step directions.

Open Map

6. Listening Party

As we drive through the city, we’ll be listening (blasting) a curated playlist with contributions from a few of my fav DJs:


Dropping Link on 6/19

Spotify Playlist

Open Spotify Playlist

Apple Music Playlist

Open Apple Music

7. FAQ

– Can I join the caravan if I’m not in Columbus? Actually, yes! Create a route, make posters, gather friends, and join the listening party in whatever city your in!

– Can I invite a friend? Yes! Feel free to invite friends to ride along with you.

– Is the playlist family-friendly? Some of the songs do not have clean versions. I’d say it’s a parental advisory playlist.

– Can I run a red light or stop sign to keep up with the caravan? I am absolutely not encouraging people to do this 💀

– Can I drive 5 miles an hour to make sure everyone sees my sign? Again, I am not encouraging this.

– Do I need the JQBX app to join the listening party? Yes. JQBX is free for both iPhone and Android.

– Do I need a Spotify account for the JQBX app to work? Yes, you will need a Spotify premium account to join the listening party.

– What if JQBX stops working while I’m listening? Close out of any other app that plays audio so that it doesn’t interfere with playback.

*For other issues DM @kent_h

**This is the first time I’m using JQBX on this scale...crossing my fingers that everything works out 🤞🏾