About Me

Hi there! I'm Ken Utari. A teenage writer from Indonesia. Some people call me a poet while I defined myself as a writer so I can reach out more topics all around the world.

I'm an indecisive writer, I usually writes what I want and the one that pops up in my head. I never thought of doing something beyond that. I have a clear mission, to help people think out of their comfort zone. To help them achieve what they really want and leave all of the wasted time in their comfort zone, as I did to myself a year ago when I signing up for college.

I have strong beliefs that everyone can be success in their own way, even privately. Because in my opinion, success means you can reach your happiness effortlessly and be grateful for it.

I'm an introverts, but I really love learning something new besides my fields. I'm experienced in writing Fictions, Poems, and Mini Stories. As I said before, I'm indecisive. I can jump out from writing about mental health to travel, or fashion. Once again, it depends on what value I can give from that fields.

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R Tolkien

If you think you are lost, maybe you walk in the wrong path!