About me

Hi, I’m Kenzie! I’m currently a senior in high school in Syracuse, New York. It’s a pretty boring place, but I’ve learned to make it fun. I love fashion, Harry Styles, Netflix, cats, and other things you can find out about if you read my blog ;)

December 11, 2020

More About Me & My Life

Welcome to my first official blog post! I’m not really sure what to write about as of now since my life isn’t super interesting (yet), but I figured I’d start with a deeper introduction and some recent things going on in my life! So I’m 17 years old and I live in central New York. I’m an only child, a senior in high school, and a Harry Styles stan. I’m currently rewatching New Girl for the second time (it’s just as good as the first) and I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift on repeat. Switching gears: obviously 2020 has not been a good year for any of us, but during these past few months it’s felt like things couldn’t get any worse. On November 1st I experienced one of the worst things I will ever have to see in my life. I carry the loss of my grandpa with me everyday, but making him proud is also what drives me, especially during times like these. Senior year during COVID has been difficult, and the amount of work has been a lot to juggle. However, within the last few weeks my life’s luckily been looking up. Last week my family and I adopted a cat, and I am absolutely obsessed with him. His name is Chalupa and he’s five years old. Literally the sweetest ever and he makes me so happy. Then a few days after we adopted Chalupa— I found out I got into my top college! My dream school is LIM College, it’s a fashion business school in Manhattan and I’ve never wanted anything more in life. I haven’t committed yet but I’m really lucky to have super supportive parents and friends so I’m hoping for the best. That’s my update for now, if you read this far: thank you and I hope you learned a little more about me! I hope to keep posting these as my life kind of picks up it’s pace leading up to college! See you soon, xoxo Kenzie

What To Wear: Winter 2020

Some of my favorite jackets and boots this season!

Even when it’s cold you’ve gotta look hot ;) There are so many fashion trends this winter that I’ve been obsessed with, so I thought I’d share!
Photo: https://pin.it/fW3KgkI

Puffer Jackets

The first trend that I’ve been loving lately are puffer jackets! Whether it’s cropped, corduroy, quilted, or polyester— a cropped puffer jacket can tie together any outfit.

Styling suggestions:
• Leather pants—If you’re wearing a colored puffer and are bored of basic jeans, then try wearing leather pants! Leather pants can be a great way to make your outfit stand out.
•Bike shorts— if you’re in a warmer state this winter, or wearing a puffer during spring/fall, bike shorts can be a great way to pair your puffer jacket!
•Mock Necks— Mock necks/turtlenecks are huge right now, and you can wear them with almost anything. Personally I love wearing them under my sweaters or graphic t-shirts, but under turtlenecks under puffers with jeans are a quick and easy go to look!

Oversized Blazers

Whether you’re going for a casual, business-like, or street style outfit— oversized blazers are the way to go. There are so many different patterned blazers (that aren’t incredibly expensive) making them the perfect accessory for any look! Oversized plaid, leather, and vintage blazers are growing in popularity due to their versatility, and I’ve absolutely loved seeing them on my feed!

Styling suggestions:
• Mock necks (again)— like I said before: mock/turtlenecks can go with ANYTHING which makes them a closet essential. If you’re going with a plaid blazer, try wearing a matching turtleneck to make your outfit pop!
• Denim— skinny jeans are out, and loose fitting jeans are in! Mom/boyfriend/skater jeans are great bottoms to wear with a big blazer, especially if you’re wearing a tighter shirt underneath (or even a bandeau if you’re feeling a little risqué).
• Dresses— cowl neck and slip dresses are a more elegant way to style a big blazer. While a dress isn’t always the best article of clothing during winter (especially in the northeast) you can always pair it with tights to provide a little extra warmth!

Chunky Boots

I. Love. Boots. Chelsea boots, Docs, Timbs, combat boots, or literally any other boot. Boots can completely change an outfit for the better! Winter is a great time to break out the boots, especially when you’re walking in the snow/slush. However, chunky boots have been on my radar this season. You’re probably like “Kenzie, wtf do you mean by ‘chunky boots’?” Well I’m so glad you asked! Chunky heel boots, or boots with chunky soles/platforms are what I simply call “chunky boots”. They often come in black (making them go with almost every “boot-able” outfit) but you can definitely find them in other patterns!

Styling suggestions:
• Denim— to keep it short and simple my top suggestion is you wear your chunky boots with your favorite pair of jeans or bottoms. You can wear boots with skirts or dresses, but I just love them with jeans! Especially if you wear them with looser fitting or flared bottoms, you can’t go wrong!